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Abandoned - Miami Marine Stadium


Check out Vessi styles at 🤍 and use code brightsunfilms to get 15% off your order! In the early 1960's, the city of Miami, Florida set out to build the world's first, purpose built speed boat racing facility complete with a custom basin and special viewing stand. Today, it's known as the Miami Marine Stadium and has been revered for its innovative and stunning architecture. But for the last 20 years, it has also been left to the elements and artist, standing completely abandoned since the 90's. Join me today in this incredible story of how this unqiue sport stadium in South Florida Icon got built, how it was seemingly forgotten about and what the future now holds. Patreon - 🤍 Merch - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Reddit - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Jake's Twitter - 🤍 Bright Sun Films 2023 Presented in 4K

Renovating an Abandoned Resort: Part 2


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My ABANDONED Childhood Mall | Found One Person Left Inside! (Silver City Galleria)


The Silver City Galleria was an enclosed, two-level, super-regional mall located off Route 24 and Route 140 in Taunton, Massachusetts, United States. It covered a leasable area of over 1,000,000 square feet , and served multiple cities and towns in the region. It was demolished in 2021. The mall's facilities included 120 retail stores, 8 anchors, 33 customer services, a ten-screen cinema, 6 sit-down restaurants, 6 specialty eateries, an arcade, a food court, a center court, and a children's play area. IPC International managed security, and UGL Limited's Unicco managed facilities services. Anchor tenants included Sears, JCPenney, Macy's, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Regal Cinemas, and Round One Entertainment. RISE ABOVE MERCH HERE 🤍 Subscribe to my 2nd Channel! VLOGS AND MORE 🤍 Subscribe to my LIVE STREAM/GAMING CHANNEL 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO MY UNCUT CHANNEL FOR ALL THE BEHIND THE SCENES EXPLORING WITH JOSH CONTENT! 🤍 Rise Above Instagram page! 🤍 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA facebook = 🤍 Twitter = 🤍 instagram = 🤍 tiktok = 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2nd CHANNEL FOR LIVE STREAMS AND GAMING 🤍 DONATIONS FOR TRAVELS/HOTELS/GAS/FOOD 🤍 MUSIC USED HERE - YOUTUBERS DREAM!! 🤍 FOR OTHER MUSIC I USED MUSICBED HERE : 🤍 Business Inquiries Exploringwithjosh🤍gmail.com

Rod Wave - Abandon (Official Audio)


Stream "Pray 4 Love" 🖤album - 🤍 #rodwave #pray4love #Abandon #GhettoGospel Rod Wave - Abandon (Official Audio) Follow Rod Wave: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► TikTok: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► SoundCloud: 🤍 ► YouTube: 🤍

Chinese Millionaire's ABANDONED Mansion with Everything Still Inside


I am an Urban Explorer from Oklahoma just traveling around finding the coolest forgotten places! follow me on my journey around the world finding the best unknown forgotten places on earth! Merch coming soon 🔥 BUSINESS INQUIRES bigbankzyt🤍gmail.com BECOME A PATREON SUPPORTER 🤍 CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS 🤍JeremyXplores 🤍SteveRonin FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! 🤍 🤍 LAKOTA'S SOCIALS 🤍 🤍 🤍

Exploring Abandoned Home Of Will Smith - Shoe Collection Left Behind


We found a former fresh prince of be air mansion in Philadelphia! The entire shoe collection was left behind.

Abandoned - Grossinger's Resort


Deep in The Catskills Mountains sat at one time, one of the most iconic and largest hotels in America. Millions of people from the hot New York City, traveled here for vacation over the summers, many of whom staying at this luxury hotel. Across their 500 rooms, the jewish family run resort had played host to celebrities and politicians. But following a series of bad business decisions and casino plans with little funding, the property became derelict and ultimately abandoned. Join me as I document and explore the fascinating history behind this beloved mega resort hotel. Patreon - 🤍 Reddit - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Jake's Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Joe Lehman's Archive - 🤍 Virtual Re-Construction - 🤍 News Report (2014) - 🤍 Vintage Footage - 🤍 Drone Footage - 🤍 BrightSunFilms 2023 Presented in 4K Get Busy Earnin' by Jungle and over 1M + mainstream tracks here 🤍 License ID: mVAzEnaEdZ5

Abandoned | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical


ABANDONED follows the sharply intense lives of a mother, father, and infant son as they move into a remote farmhouse, which harbors a dark, tragic history. Starring Emma Roberts, John Gallagher Jr., with Michael Shannon Directed by: Spencer Squire Release Date: 6/17/22

Exploring an Abandoned Island with 2 Homes left behind (15 years after people fled)


The property first built on in the 1700s, early Settlers laid down rock foundations inside this historic property. Later in the years, 3 homes would be on the property in total, including a tennis court, basketball court, greenhouse and barn. All with the cherry on top , an island attached to the land via a sketchy bridge, leading to another abandoned home. In 2008, the owners fled without taking a thing, evidence of children living there was also present. There are many reasons a family would leave without taking anything, natural disaster, family death or fleeing the country. anything could've happened here. One thing is sure, this location and property is an amazing time capsule into the past as we will be seeing right into this families life If you enjoy leave a like on the video and consider subscribing for more abandoned and historic content ! IG and tiktok 🤍Dark.exploration business email darkexploration13🤍gmail.com thank you for watching!

I Found Mysterious Fish LIVING in ABANDONED MUD POND!


In today's video, I drain one of my backyard ponds that we have been stocking with colorful crawfish, eels, colorful fish, and other mysterious unknown fish including a super rare LUNG FISH! Before we did that, we fed my new RARE plecos, tigrinus catfish, abba abba knife fish, and my MONSTER redtail catfish! We then started netting around in the black mud pond and ended up catching tons of guppies, betta fish, gourami, crawfish, AND MORE! When we fully drained it we found a monster fire eel, a rare lungfish, albino alien fish, and more which we transported to other aquariums and ponds! What should we name our new lung fish? Comment below! — ⏹Instagram: 🤍 ⏹TikTok: 🤍 ⏹ Promotion inquiries: Esmamanagement🤍gmail.com ⏹Business email: bassfishermanguy🤍gmail.com

Exploring a CULT'S Abandoned Mansion | Everything Still Inside


In today’s episode we hike deep in the woods to discover an abandoned mansion rumored to have been used by a cult. Along with the mansion is 3 other large homes that the alleged members lived in. From what I was told a very wealthy family lived here and would often throw parties even having some very important political figures in attendance, now after doing extensive research I couldn’t find anything specific about this alleged cult. I did however see that at one point in time the mansion was used as a wedding venue that boasted a gorgeous view of a nearby river, but unfortunately due to the lack of funding the wedding venue had to close leaving the property abandoned. Many things are still left behind waiting for the day to be put back to use. So join me today and let’s see what’s left. I am an Urban Explorer from Oklahoma just traveling around finding the coolest forgotten places! follow me on my journey around the world finding the best unknown forgotten places on earth! Merch coming soon 🔥 BUSINESS INQUIRES bigbankzyt🤍gmail.com BECOME A PATREON SUPPORTER 🤍 CHECK OUT MY FRIEND 🤍 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! 🤍 🤍 LAKOTA'S SOCIALS 🤍 🤍 🤍

Florida Roadside Attractions & Abandoned Places - Forgotten & Dangerous Abandoned Factory Explored


On this episode of Florida Roadside Attractions and Abandoned Places we explore an abandoned phosphate factory in Nichols, Florida. A complete tour of this haunting facility that has been abandoned for 23 years. I was shocked and amazed of all that was left behind and it’s just sitting there! There is much ahead. Tampa Jay on Instagram 🤍tampajay #abandoned #florida #roadsideattractions

The "Abandoned & Creepy” Wizard of Oz Theme Park: Land of Oz | Expedition Extinct


Up in the mountains of North Carolina exists a mysterious place where if you follow a partially stolen yellow brick road you might find an abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park. The story of this often-called creepy park though is much deeper than even Dorothy could imagine. The Land of Oz. Join the Expedition 🤍twitter.com/expthemepark 🤍instagram.com/expeditionthemepark 🤍patreon.com/expeditionthemepark Credits - Over the Rainbow intro by Tom Jennings. Check out the original videos here Coaster Things - 🤍 Wayne County Public Libary - 🤍 The PopPopProject - 🤍 Saytoli - 🤍 B Pintar - 🤍 Coastal Things - 🤍 Park Rovers - 🤍 Elizabeth Becker - 🤍 The Official Oz Club - 🤍 Just Out N About - 🤍

Exploring an ABANDONED $10,500,000 Mega Mansion | Everything Left Inside


I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that life is too short. Sometimes I think that we get older that it’s still not enough time to enjoy all of what the world has to offer. For the family of this marvelous mansion life would be stopped completely after a tragic plane crash. When I say life would be stopped completely I’m not just talking about the ones involved but also the loved ones left behind. Situated in a neighborhood full of extravagant homes sits a 90% finished 30,000 square foot estate that was abandoned in 2016. The original man that had this home built was a surgeon who owned several practices throughout surrounding states. After all of his hard work to build his family’s wealth he wanted his wife and children to live in their dream home. Construction started in 2006 for this $10,500,000 home with 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. But only a couple years later tragedy would take place. The man was a licensed single engine pilot and he and his 15 year old son went out flying one day only to never return. They had crashed into a mountain instantly killing the man and his son. The wife was left with her 3 other children and was forced to sell home. Afterwards it was purchased by a foreigner who lived in it until 2015 when he moved back to his native country and the taxes stopped getting paid. Ever since the grand mansion has sat abandoned with everything left behind including 3 cars. So join me today and let’s see what’s left. I am an Urban Explorer from Oklahoma just traveling around finding the coolest forgotten places! follow me on my journey around the world finding the best unknown forgotten places on earth! Merch coming soon 🔥 BUSINESS INQUIRES bigbankzyt🤍gmail.com BECOME A PATREON SUPPORTER 🤍 CHECK OUT JEREMY 🤍 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! 🤍 🤍 LAKOTA'S SOCIALS 🤍 🤍 🤍

Barbara Mandrell’s $15,000,000 Abandoned Mega Log Mansion | Shooting Range, indoor pool, and bars


Today we explore a vacant $15,000,000 Mega Log Mansion once owned by a country music star in the 1980s. In 2002 the singer sold it to a pair of investors who turned it into a bed and breakfast as well as a wedding venue. in 2019 it was sold again to a developer who has plans on building cabins and bungalows on the property. But over the past 3 years it's just been sitting alone deep in the woods on 180 acres of beautiful land. I am an Urban Explorer from Oklahoma just traveling around finding the coolest forgotten places! follow me on my journey around the world finding the best unknown forgotten places on earth! Merch coming soon 🔥 BUSINESS INQUIRES bigbankzyt🤍gmail.com BECOME A PATREON SUPPORTER 🤍 Check out the Bando fam 🤍thebandofam3807 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! 🤍 🤍 LAKOTA'S SOCIALS 🤍 🤍 🤍

Abandoned Places #shorts




#abandonedhouse #abandonedplaces #haunted Tonight we explore and investigate this haunted abandoned house hidden in the mountains, the house once belonged to the Roberts family but when the last occupant died inside I'm 1997 it has sat abandoned and frozen in time ever since. join us as we head inside and check out what and who may remain trapped inside, if you enjoy abandoned and haunted places then stick around as i upload weekly MERCH STORE 🤍 If you would like to donate to the channel, you can do through PayPal or using the affiliated links below, all goes straight back into the channel 🤍 My Gear include: Go Pro Hero 7 black 🤍 Camera light 🤍 head torch 🤍 torch 🤍 boots 🤍 follow my social media to get behind the scenes and upcoming content Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍Abandoned_Preps 🤍

Abandoned Luxury Subdivision with 14 Mansions. Is this for real? Explore # 130


This entire subdivision was bought out by a developer to built over 100 homes worth approx. 3 million dollars each. They striped most of the homes and boarded them up. For a short time they were left abandoned waiting to be demolished. First the developer clear cut all the trees. Next they started demolishing each house. I had permission to explore and film only 2 homes here as the others was boarded and sealed up. The private subdivision was built in the 1980’s. Most of the homes sit on 2 acres of land. The developer bought each home for approx. 3 million dollars each. This works out to be approx. 42 million dollars for the whole subdivision. If you like this video or you would like support my channel, you can buy me a coffee at this link: 🤍 Thank you! Buy me a gift from my Wish List on Amazon - 🤍 Check out my MERCH store! 🤍 Check out the gear I use at my Amazon Store (thanks for using the links as I earn commission) 🤍 What to see my pictures of abandoned places? Follow me on: Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 About me: I have been exploring abandoned places since I was a child and now I would like to film the explores and share the videos with you. My father took me to my first abandoned house when I was 7 years old. I remember going into the house and a old farmer came in and told us "we better watch out as the floors are all rotten and unsafe". Ever since that day I was hooked on exploring abandoned places. If you have a location you would like to share with me or want me to explore for you please send me an email at abandonedurbexcanada🤍hotmail.com and I will give you full credit for the share in the description and during the video if you choose. Contact info: abandonedurbexcanada🤍hotmail.com Intro music by Nomyn - Lightness Soundcloud - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍facebook.com/NomynMusic Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/5VbsCwCoxtsC4nRCyLJveN Apple Music - 🤍 Deezer - 🤍 Twitter - twitter.com/NomynMusic Bandcamp - nomyn.bandcamp.com/ 0:00 - 2:32 Drone footage/ Video intro 2:32 - 3:10 Channel Intro 3:10 - 13:21 Exploring the homes 13:21 - 14:00 Montage 14:00 - 14:33 Outro #abandonedhouse #abandonedmansion #abandonedplaces



In the year 1976, an impressive mega mansion worth $12,000,000 emerged, boasting an extraordinary count of six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Nestled within its opulent walls was a sprawling indoor pool, offering an oasis of pure relation. Surrounding the mansion was a vast expanse of four acres, creating a picturesque landscape that beckoned to be explored. However, as the years went on, this once vibrant abode seemed to have fallen into a state of abandonment, its allure fading away. Around 2010, it became apparent that the mansion had been forsaken by its inhabitants. Rumor had it that the last family to live here came from China, their prosperity evident through their thriving businesses in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, fortune turned its back on them, and they found themselves facing adversity, ultimately leading to the sale of their beloved home. The mansion's destiny was sealed when it was acquired by a developer, whose intentions regarding the property remained uncertain. Speculations arose, suggesting that either the grand structure would succumb to demolition or be subjected to a meticulous remodeling process. Consequently, the mansion languished in its abandonment silently longing for its days to be revived. remnants of the mansion's past occupants lay scattered. Precious memories and forgotten possessions stood as reminders of lives once lived within its walls. While the intricacies of the family's history remained elusive and unkouwn. Follow My Friend 🤍UrbanExAlex ■ SHOP MY CLOTHING LINE 🤍 ■ FOLLOW ME Instagram 🤍 TikTok 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Facebook 🤍 ■ FAN MAIL ADDRESS PO BOX 609 Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056 ■ For Business Inquiries/Sponsorships contact me exploringwithsteve🤍gmail.com ■ My Assistant Video Editor 🤍SmoothieOperative #Abandoned #Exploration #Steveronin

Fukushima's abandoned & frozen in time department store


🎁📚Check out my books, 800+ pictures taken in over 70 countries of the best abandoned places worldwide with info: 🤍 🎁📚 Become a Patreon at: 🤍 In this brand new series I go back to Fukushima (Japan) with Frederik to visit the nuclear exclusion zone and show you how this zone looks today and we explore the last abandoned buildings. In this episode I show you an abandoned department store which is frozen in time. Many clothes, shoes and other items can be found here. Follow our social media accounts for more updates and pictures: 🤍 🤍 Geigercounter by: 🤍 Flashlights by Ledlenser: 🤍 Music by Epidemic sound, download your free trial: 🤍

Exploring an Abandoned Asylum - Decayed Buildings with Power


Thanks to Helix Sleep for sponsoring a portion of this video.Go to 🤍 to get 25% off your Helix mattress (plus two free pillows!) during their Memorial Day Sale, now until June 5th. If you miss this limited time offer, you can still get 20% off using our link! Offers subject to change. In this episode we're exploring the Central Islip State Hospital on Long Island, New York. Started as the Farm Colony for Manhattan State Hosptial in 1899, the facility operated until 1996. Soon after, NYIT used various buildings before leaving the campus unoccupied in 2017. Chris is featured in this video. His channel is 🤍UrbexAndChill. 🤍 JOIN US ON: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thanks to Musicbed for providing the music in this video. Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 (Affiliate Link) Intro Music: 🤍 Enjoying our videos? Help us make more by buying a print: 🤍 Join YT Memberships: 🤍 Supporting us on Patreon: 🤍 Purchasing a t-shirt: 🤍 Equipment we use to make our videos: 🤍 MB01QECK7N744HY

Exploring a Killer's ABANDONED House with EVERYTHING Left inside | Blood Stains Left


In today’s episode we take you on a tour of an abandoned farm house built in the 1840s. This small house along with its stables directly across the road was once home to a songwriter and author. Although of his great success he enjoyed living quietly in his little home. But around 2009 he decided to change lifestyles a bit moving him, his wife and one daughter to Los Angeles California so his daughter could pursue her dreams as a horse back rider. Now after the move the man’s nephew took over the property and what would happen next is straight out of a true crime story. While living in the house he went on a trip and when he arrived back he wanted to surprise his girlfriend who was still living at her parents home. But when he walked in and saw his girlfriend cheating on him he went crazy and stabbed her over 30 times and killed the man she was cheating with. Right after he drove back to the small home where he would later be arrested and sentenced to prison. And one thing we noticed inside the home was on the arm rest of the chair is what looks to be dried blood presumably there from when he got home after brutally stabbed his girlfriend. I think even though cheating on your partner is very bad I believe ending another life is even worse. So join me today and let’s see what’s left. I am an Urban Explorer from Oklahoma just traveling around finding the coolest forgotten places! follow me on my journey around the world finding the best unknown forgotten places on earth! Merch coming soon 🔥 BUSINESS INQUIRES bigbankzyt🤍gmail.com BECOME A PATREON SUPPORTER 🤍 CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS 🤍SteveRonin 🤍 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! 🤍 🤍 LAKOTA'S SOCIALS 🤍 🤍 🤍

Hidden ca$h found! Buying an abandoned homes contents part 2.


Today the clear out begins, we dig out and uncover some treasures including some hidden cash!

Overnight In An Abandoned Mine!


Spending the night deep in an abandoned mine with no way out! For longer videos, check out my main channel 🤍GhostTownLiving

We Found an Abandoned Boat, but WHAT HAPPENED?!


Patreon: 🤍 Just a short video but we found something interesting on our way back from camping on the previous island, an abandoned boat, but no explanation or information on why it has been dumped on this island. Merch... 🤍 #abandoned #abandonedplaces Keep up to date in real time by following... 🤍 Send us stuff... PO Box: Hell on Earth, P.O. Box 200, Ossett, WF5 5AZ

The cops arrested him and ABANDONED his Porsche!


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Inside Japan’s Most Luxurious $100,000,000 Abandoned Hotel


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He suffered with jaw broken, alone and sadness in abandoned house waiting for end in agony!


He suffered with jaw broken, alone and sadness in abandoned house waiting for end in agony! Subscribe to STRAY PAWS Channel: 🤍 Special thanks to: Tanja Vidergar Please support at: PayPal: zavod.pit🤍gmail.com!! Help more Animal click here: 🤍 If there are any copyright issues with any videos posted here i will remove them. please contact my email: nguyenthithiqnu🤍gmail.com Thank you for watching! #straypaws, #dogrescue, #rescuedog

We Broke Into a Haunted Abandoned Hotel


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Abandoned Dead (2020) | Full Movie | Horror


A security guard, trapped in a run-down inner-city medical clinic, is terrorized by supernatural forces which threaten to overtake her.



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Top 15 Scary Abandoned Amusement Parks


Amusement parks long left abandoned, in a permanent state of disrepair. Today we'll be taking a look at some of the most scary abandoned parks in the world. Several segments are licensed under creative commons 🤍 For more video information, please visit our website. The Top Fives show brings you informational and entertaining top five videos! Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! 🤍 Contact us via the email form here: 🤍 Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.

Everything Broken On The FREE Abandoned RV


We find out everything broken on our FREE abandoned rv... What could possibly go wrong! Sign up for Elvis tag here: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Elvis Jet series: 🤍 View the Entire 310 Series: 🤍 Other Abandoned Airplanes: Abandoned for 20 years, Will it RUN? 1947 Bonanza V-Tail 🤍 Abandoned 7 Years, Can I get it running? 1968 Piper Aztec 🤍 10 Fastest Cheap Airplanes You Can Buy For Your Family 🤍 10 Fighter Jets You Can Buy! 🤍 For Business/Media: therealjimmysworld🤍gmail.com

I Found an Abandoned US Forestry Campground While Truck Camping


A lot of people have been asking me about the E-bike in this video. It is the Troxus Explorer. I'll leave a like to the bike; you will be seeing a full review video of it soon. 🤍 Earlier this week I was looking at google maps scanning forestry roads when I noticed a few locations that looked like good boondocking spots, so I decided to take a chance. The forest roads were open, but some spots still have snow. The first spot I came to had a fallen tree blocking path. I located 3 campsites in total along the trail. Thanks for following along this weekend and I'll see ya next week.



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