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Capturing Digital Images (The Bayer Filter) - Computerphile


How do digital cameras turn light into the data that computers can handle? In this second part of our computer vision series, Image Analyst Mike Pound explains the Bayer Filter. Professor Steve Furber on the BBC Micro: 🤍 2D Images: 🤍 Universe of Triangles: 🤍 Pushing the Atari Limits: 🤍 🤍 🤍 This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: 🤍 Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran's Numberphile. More at 🤍

How can smartphones have so many megapixels? Pixel binning explained


Pixel Binning is one of the key techniques that allow smartphone manufacturers to pack more and more pixels into its cameras every year. But how does it work? Why is it necessary? Find out in this video which goes over the basics. Read the full article: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍 Check out our favorite stuff on Amazon: 🤍 00:00 Introduction 0:35 What is a pixel? 1:58 What is pixel binning? 3:08 What are the advantages of pixel binning? 3:35 What phones use pixel binning? 4:01 What phones DON'T use pixel binning? 4:11 What is the disadvantage of pixel binning? 4:56 Conclusion Follow us on social: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, when you buy through links in the description we may earn an affiliate commission. See our affiliate link policy for more details: 🤍 Follow the Team: Harley Maranan: 🤍 Hadlee Simons: 🤍 Joe Hindy: 🤍 Gary Sims: 🤍

iPhone 14 Pro Camera - What Is This 'Quad-Pixel' Sensor?


The new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max come with massive 48MP camera sensors, and I have some questions. CONTACT & SOCIAL Please use the contact form on my website to get in touch WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro 00:50 - 48MP sensor intro 01:14 - New CFA? 03:46 - Quad Bayer Code structure? 04:45 - Noise reduction and better low light? 06:49 - Not as detailed? 08:02 - Will I buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

what are megapixels and pixel binning?


this video talks about the process of pixel binning used in new smartphones and touches on the content briefly.

HDR10 Quad Bayer HDR 4K30 no EIS


Sony IMX586 3 Exposure HDR/Sensor HDR ZenFone 6

TESTED: Mavic Air 2's 48 MP Camera - Did it come up short? - Half Chrome Drones


The Mavic Air 2 has a 48 megapixel camera. Sort of. I walk through the performance issues of the camera's sensor, compare it to the Mavic 2 Pro, and discuss the best way you can use the Mavic 2 Air's new half-inch sensor. #drone #dji #mavicair2 Buy One: Mavic Air 2: 🤍 Mavic 2 Pro: 🤍 Learn More: 🤍 This contains affiliate links. Clicking them helps support this channel. Do you want to know what our favorite drones are or what cameras we use? Here you go... 🤍 DJI Mavic Air 2: 🤍 Mavic Mini: 🤍 Phantom 4 Pro: 🤍 Mavic 2: 🤍 Mavic Air: 🤍 Racers/FPV DJI iFlight DC5 package: 🤍 Emax Hawk Sport: 🤍 Eachine LAL5: 🤍 Taranis QX7: 🤍 Tinyhawk all-in-one: 🤍 Tinyhawk S: 🤍 FatShark goggles: 🤍 Skyzone FPV goggles: 🤍 Budget FPV goggles: 🤍 Favorite Cameras Sony a6500: 🤍 GoPro Hero 8: 🤍 iPhone X: 🤍 Learn More: 🤍halfchrome.com

Sensori a Confronto: Meglio X-Trans, Foveon, Bayer o il nuovo Quad Bayer? 🤔


Il sensore è il cuore di ogni macchina fotografica. Capire cosa si nasconde dietro a parole come matrice di Bayer, sensore X-Trans, Foveon, Quad-Bayer, BSI, sensore stacked, sensore retroilluminato e così via, può aiutarci a non buttare soldi con acquisti guidati dal marketing e non dai dati oggettivi. VideoZappo Fan Club 🎓 ✔ Tanti contenuti GRATUITI 🎁 ✔ possibilità di GUADAGNARE con l'affiliazione (facilissimo!) 💰 ✔ Corsi, Preset, Consigli, Offerte… 👉 🤍 👈 🛒 La mia vetrina su Amazon 👉 🤍 Trovi quello di cui hai bisogno, senza delusioni! 😊 Se devi comprare qualcosa su Amazon 👉 🤍 🎁 Seguimi su Telegram 👉 🤍 📆 Ogni martedì e venerdì un nuovo video! 😎 ☕ Se vuoi pagarmi un caffè 👉 🤍 ❤ 📨Iscriviti alla Newsletter 👉 🤍 ⚙ Qualche altro consiglio sull'attrezzatura 👉 🤍 🤝 Seguimi su Instagram: 🤍videozappo 👉 🤍 📖 Gli argomenti trattati in questo video: 00:00 - Intro 01:20 - Il problema 03:13 - la matrice di Bayer 06:37 - I sensori BSI o retro-illuminati 09:16 - Il demosaicing 12:26 - Il sensore Fujifilm X-Trans 15:18 - Il sensore Sigma Foveon 17:04 - I sensori Quad-Bayer 23:10 - I sensori Stacked CMOS 📺 Link ai video citati nel tutorial: Tutorial su ETTR 👉 🤍 Colorimetria 👉 🤍 Tutorial su Rolling Shutter 👉 🤍 Differenza tra RAW e JPEG 👉 🤍 #VideoZappo #Fotografia #Video I link ai prodotti sono link di affiliazione, se compri qualcosa a te non costa nulla e io ottengo una piccola percentuale che mi consente di continuare a fare video gratuiti come questo.

Image Sensors as Fast As Possible


Image sensors allow us to have amazing cameras in all types of devices, many of which are becoming smaller and smaller all the time... But what makes these sensors so darn impressive? Sponsor message: Squarespace is the fast, easy way to create your own personal, professional, or business website with enough templates to suit any reasonable need! Get 10% off using offer code LINUS at 🤍

Sony a7S3 Quad-Bayer Sensor? My Predications


What do you think the sensor in the up-coming Sony a7S3 will be like? Watch this video to find out what I think.

12MP v. 48MP? - What Should You Use? - Mini 3 Pro Comparison (Camera Chart)


The DJI Mini 3 Pro is equipped with a quad bayer sensor allowing it to utilize its sensor as a 12MP or 48MP sensor. In this video we put the two sensor setting types to the test complete with side-by-side video and photos. You will see the same camera chart we have been using in our other comparison videos. Download Full Quality RAW Images and Video 12MP: 🤍 48MP: 🤍 00:00 Introduction 00:18 Quad Bayer Technology 01:05 How We Captured the Data 02:06 Image Comparison 12:13 Outro Check out our gear list: 🤍 Free drone registration labels: 🤍 Our Other Channels - PIXL Drone Show: drone-related podcast, posts every Tuesday morning. 🤍 - Pilot Institute Airplane: our airplane channel: 🤍 Our courses - Part 107 Made Easy: the most comprehensive ground school online. 🤍 - Drone Business Made Easy: start your drone business with a solid foundation. 🤍 - Drone Flying 101: the perfect course for beginners. 🤍 - Drone Maneuvers Mastery: become a better pilot with these 50 maneuvers designed to improve your flying skills. 🤍 - Cinematic FPV Drone From Scratch: build your own cinematic machine with this course. 🤍 Get Pilot Institute Gear - T-shirt or Long Sleeve T: 🤍 - Polo shirt: 🤍 ~~ Show notes go here ~~

Mavic Air 2 Or EVO II 8K? | Battle Of Quad Bayer Sensors!


#mavicair2 #evoII8k EVO II 🤍 Mavic Air 2 🤍 Like the Music? Hit the link and checkout Artlist the provider of all the tracks you here on the channel. 🤍 Check out my podcast and live show here: 🤍 Buy all my merch "basically just a shirt but its super posh!" 🤍 My Latest Gear Here: 🤍 Official Brand Partner 🤍Drone-Works.com Follow me on Twitter 🤍 Follow me on instagram 🤍 Official Facebook Page 🤍 Upcoming events vist 🤍OriginaldoBo.com like what I do consider buying me a coffee 🤍 People keep asking so here is the most current gear I use NEW CAMERA SETUP Sony A6400 🤍 Sony A6100 photos 🤍 Mic In Studio 🤍 Mic out doors 🤍 Deity VLav 🤍 Main lens Sigma 16mm F1.4 🤍 "OLD CAMERAS" Canon M50 🤍 Canon SL2 🤍 Lens 12mm 🤍 Lens 24mm 🤍 Lens 10-18mm 🤍 Lens 50mm 🤍 Fotodiox Lens adapter 🤍 Microphones Rode VideoMicro 🤍 Takstar SG598 🤍 Zoom H1 🤍 Drones I use Mavic 2 Zoom 🤍 Mavic 2 Pro 🤍 Autel EVO 🤍 Archived Drones of 2018 Phantom 4 Pro All video and audio content created by myself and or used with permission from the creator. Affiliate disclaimer: some of the above links maybe affiliate links, which may generate me a sales commission. For example, my YouTube Gear listed above is in association with the Amazon affiliate program and I’m an amazon associate

La OM WoW 1 Avrà un sensore Quad Bayer? E cos'è?


Fonte: 🤍 Domani 15 febbraio saranno sciolti molti nodi sul futuro del Micro 4/3. Forse la Om-1 avrà un sensore Quad Bayer #olympus, #Om-1, #OM, #micro, #micro43 #microquttroterzi, #43, #fourthirds, #microfourthirds, #quadbayer, #quad, #bayer, #wow, #wow-1, #wowcamera

Como funciona o sensor QUAD BAYER de 48MP do Mavic Air 2


Um dos grandes argumentos de venda do Mavic Air 2 é sua câmera de 48MP. Entenda o que isso significa . Tá naquela dúvida sobre o que comprar? Veja abaixo as minhas sugestões, por categoria. Patrocinadores do Dronemodelismo ► DJI é na FlyPro (revenda de drones): 🤍 ► 3D Prime Impressão 3D: 🤍 ► Oficina de Drone (manutenção de drones): 🤍 Drones para filmagem ► FIMI X8 SE: 🤍 ► Hubsan ZINO PRO: 🤍 ► Mavic Mini: 🤍 Drones baratos com gimbal e GPS ► FIMI A3: 🤍 ► Wltoys XK X1: 🤍 ► Eachine EX4: 🤍 Mini drones para filmagem ► DJI Tello: 🤍 ► Xiaomi Mitu: 🤍 Drones de corrida / freestyle / endurance ► Eachine Wizard X220 RTF: 🤍 ► Eachine Tyro 99: 🤍 ► Eachine Tyro 129: 🤍 Aeromodelos FPV ► ZOHD Talon GT: 🤍 ► ZOHD Dart 250: 🤍 ► Mini AR Wing: 🤍 ► LDARC Tiny Wing 450x: 🤍 Clones DJI ► Eachine E520: 🤍 ► Eachine E511S: 🤍 ► Eachine E58: 🤍 Quer participar das nossas redes sociais e grupos de Whatsapp, Telegram e Discord? ► 🤍

Moiré & the Bayer sensor design


Fuji & Leica use a unique design that overcomes moiré without using an AA filter. Brand new sensor, built like a tank and great styling - this looks promising! Here is discuss the technology and how some cameras can avoid the impact of moiré ThatNikonGuy has been renamed to 'Matt Granger'. If you are already subscribed on social media the name will change over automatically. For new viewers please follow me as _MattGranger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr & Vine. Subscribe HERE: 🤍 Subscribe for News: 🤍 Google Plus: 🤍 Community Forum: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Second Channel: 🤍 Flickr: 🤍 Please check out my art nude photography book - Private Bodies: 🤍 _ Adorama: 🤍 B&H Photo: 🤍 Amazon USA: 🤍 Amazon UK: 🤍 Amazon Germany: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 _ Get Your Gear Out! Workshops: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Mailing List: 🤍

Xiaomi Mijia Glasses With 50-Megapixel Quad Bayer Camera, Sony OLED Display Announced: Report


The Mijia Glasses from Xiaomi have been spotted listed on the XiaomiYouPin website for crowdfunding. The glasses will be available for crowdfunding starting August 3. Eligible customers can book a reservation for the Xiaomi Mijia Glasses directly from the website. The listing does not mention the price and features of the Xiaomi Mijia Glasses. Xiaomi Mijia Glasses price (rumoured) Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera has been priced at CNY 2,699 (roughly Rs 31,500), according to a report by SparrowNews. For the crowdfunding period, the glasses camera will be reportedly available for CNY 2,499 (roughly Rs 29,200). It is worth noting that we could not independently verify the pricing details or the following specifications. Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera specifications (rumoured) Xiaomi Mijia Glasses reportedly features a 50-megapixel quad-bayer four-in-one wide angle camera and an 8-megapixel periscope telephoto camera. The camera is said to be equipped with split OIS feature. It is said to offer 5x optical zoom and 16x hybrid zoom. It is said to let wearers record videos in real-time. It reportedly supports backtracking function and second-level rush capture. The backtracking function can retain image content from 10 seconds prior to pressing the shutter, the report added. According to the report, the Xiaomi Mijia Glasses can connect to a smartphone and rapidly import the images. It is said to feature a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core independent computing platform. The reports added that these are also augmented reality (AR) glasses. The Mijia Glasses can reportedly translate between English and Chinese. More feature are said to arrive with OTA updates in the future. The glasses reportedly sport a combination of a Sony Micro OLED display and free-form optical prism with a light efficiency of 60 percent. It is said to be designed to produce peak brightness of 3,000 nits. As per the report, it has passed the German Rheinland low blue light certification. Xiaomi Mijia Glasses reportedly feature 3GB RAM + 32GB inbuilt storage. It is also said to sport dual-band Wi-Fi and support Bluetooth 5.0. It reportedly packs a 10,200mAh battery with 10W charging support. The company claims that it can record 100 minutes of continuous video, the report added. For more news and updates Subscribe: 🤍 Trusted News Source: 🤍 Background Voice Source: Microsoft OneNote

Video test Poco X3 NFC, 64MP with Sony IMX 682 Quad-Bayer sensor (f/1.9) lens, supports Night Mode.


#LiQWYD #TestVideoCamera #PocoX3NFC #Xiaomi Quad Kamera POCO X3 NFC yang ber Sensor Sony IMX682 (64MP) Hasil cukup gahar The Poco X3 NFC packs a 64MP primary camera with Sony IMX 682 Quad-Bayer sensor with f/1.9 lens, 0.8µm pixels, and PDAF. This is the only camera that supports Night Mode. Second is a 13MP snapper with 13mm f/2.2 lens and 1.0µm pixels. The macro camera is 2MP with f/2.4 aperture, 1.75µm pixels, but lacks autofocus. Finally, there is a 2MP depth sensor. The selfie camera has a 20MP sensor behind an f/2.2 lens. The focus is fixed. Gear : Poco X3 NFC Music : Alive by LiQWYD Created by Camtasia

এতো পিক্সেল গেলো কোথায় | Pixel Binning explained | Bayer Filter & Quad Bayer Filter | Demosaicing


Hello Guys, asa kori sobai valo aachen. Apnara to sobai noy 48MP noy 64MP noyto 108MP use koren kintu janen ki ki vabe ei 48MP ba 64MP toiri hoy? Asole egulo sob pixel binning er khela. Ei pixel binning ki? Bayer filter ba quad bayer filter ki kaje lage? Demosaicing ki? Ei sob prosner uttor jante hole video ti ses porjonto dekhte thakun. Asa kori ei video ti apnader sobar valo lagbe. 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄 𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐄 𝐒𝐔𝐁𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐁𝐄 askBongological If you have any tech related questions or query, plz post in comments section or ask in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We will try heart n soul to make a video on this topic. Bongological on Social Media - Facebook ➝ 🤍 Twitter ➝ 🤍 Instagram ➝ 🤍 YouTube ➝ 🤍 About Bongological is the ultimate platform where you can find technological videos everyday in Bengali/Bangla. For Business Enquiry: bongological🤍gmail.com Affiliate Links - Best For YouTube Boya BYM1 - 🤍 Maono AU-100 - 🤍 Digitek DTR 550LW - 🤍 Oxhox Tripod-3110 - 🤍 Techfire 3110 - 🤍 DIGITEK 18 inch Professional LED Ring Light - 🤍 Hanumex Green BackDrop Background - 🤍 Camrox 8x12 Green Background - 🤍 Description contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy clicking on one of the product links, we'll receive a small support. This helps us a lot to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support. ⒷⓄⓃⒼⓄⓁⓄⒼⒾⒸⒶⓁ CYA TOMORROW!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #bongological #pixelbinning #bayerfilter&demosaicing Disclaimer This video is made for EDUCATIONAL purpose only. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

Sony introduces IMX586 smartphone camera with 48 MP Quad Bayer sensor


Sony introduces IMX586 smartphone camera with 48 MP Quad Bayer sensor

Pixel 6/6 Pro Review: Almost Incredible!


Finally. A Google flagship. Pixel 6 is the real deal! ICONS for Pixel 6: 🤍 Android 12 Features: 🤍 MKBHD Merch: 🤍 Tech I'm using right now: 🤍 Intro Track: 🤍 Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: 🤍 Phone provided by Google for review. ~ 🤍 🤍 🤍

iPhone 14 Camera Hype - Apple iPhone 14 and the "48-Megapixel" Camera


The iPhone 14 has launched and brings lots of hype and anticipation to all smartphone photography enthusiasts. On Hands-On Photography, Ant Pruitt discusses the new iPhone 14 and its new 48-megapixel camera. Understanding the Smartphone Image Sensor and Quad Bayer Filter: 🤍 Sony A7S III Sensor Information: 🤍 Host: Ant Pruitt Hands-On Photography episode 147 More Info: 🤍 Find Hands-On Photography on your favorite podcatcher. 🤍 Follow Ant Pruitt on Instagram 🤍 Follow TWiT on Instagram 🤍 Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at 🤍 Products we recommend: 🤍 TWiT may earn commissions on certain products. Join our TWiT Community on Discourse: 🤍ity/ Follow us: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 About us: TWiT.tv is a technology podcasting network located in the San Francisco Bay Area with the #1 ranked technology podcast This Week in Tech hosted by Leo Laporte. Every week we produce over 30 hours of content on a variety of programs including Tech News Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, This Week in Google, Windows Weekly, Security Now, All About Android, and more.

iPhone 14 Pro ProRAW 12 MP vs 48 MP Comparison


In this camera test, I am trying to find out if Apple ProRAW resolution in 12 MP or 48 MP will give us the optimal/best image quality. All the images are opened with Mac's Preview app as Lightroom somehow renders the 48 MP images as darker. I have yet to investigate this issue but I think it's somewhat related to Lightroom's compatibility with the latest iPhone 14 Pro. See my article at 🤍 for images in full resolution. #iPhone14Pro #iPhone14ProMax #Apple #iPhonePhotography #iPhonecamera #12MP #48MP #12MPvs48MP #ProRaw #QuadBayer #PixelBinning #PhotonicEngine

Do Larger Sensors Produce Different Looking Images?


Sign up for the expo at PHOTOPLUS for free using code: PFSTOP 🤍 Read the full article here: 🤍 Read the original post and polls here: 🤍 Gear and Workflow Recommendations: Our Favorite Gear - 🤍 Music Artlist.io - 🤍 Epidemic Sound - 🤍 Software Adobe Creative Cloud - 🤍 Luminar 4 - 🤍 Capture One - 🤍 Support Fstoppers by shopping at: B&H - 🤍 Amazon - 🤍



α7SⅢは、なんと、4800万画素クアッドベイヤーセンサーだったようで、解説します。 関連記事 🤍 🤍 撮影カメラ:α7C+TAMRON 17-28mm F2.8 撮影機材 カメラ α7SⅢ 🤍 α7C 🤍 α6100 🤍 レンズ SEL1635Z 🤍 SEL2860 🤍 SEL1018 🤍 SEL1670Z 🤍 SELP1650 🤍 SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art SONY Eマウント用 🤍 TAMRON 17-28mm F/2.8 Di III RXD 🤍 TAMRON 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD 🤍 TAMRON 18-300mmF3.5-6.3DiⅢ-A VC VXD 🤍 ビデオカメラ・アクションカム SONY FDR-AX30 GoPro HERO8 Black 🤍 ドローン DJI MAVIC Air 🤍 マイク Rode VideoMicro 🤍 RODE Wireless GO 🤍 RODE Lavalier GO 🤍 DJI FM-15 🤍 SONY PC用マイクECM-PCV80U 🤍 ジンバル Zhiyun Crane V2 🤍 三脚 ベルボン Geo Carmagne E535M Ⅱ 🤍 照明 PIXEL G1S RGBビデオライト 🤍

Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review: Super Steady Terbaik!


Samsung memberikan 2 lensa baru pada Samsung Galaxy A51, apabila dilihat dari seri pendahulunya. Jadi, total smartphone ini punya lima lensa kamera, sob! Terdapat lensa utama 48MP Quad Bayer aperture f/2.0. Kemudian, lensa ultrawide 12MP. Lensa dengan aperture f/2.2 ini merupakan peningkatan dari lensa 8MP kepunyaan Galaxy A50s. Lalu, masih disisipkan lensa depth 5MP dengan aperture f/2.2, dan terakhir, Samsung memberikan lensa macro 5MP dengan aperture f/2.4. Lensa terakhir tentu saja memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengambil foto makro dari jarak dekat maksimal sekitar 4 sampai 5 cm. Pindah ke kamera depan. Meski sekarang ditempatkan pada punch hole, tapi sensor kamera selfie di A51 tetap 32MP Quad Bayer f/2.0, sama dengan Galaxy A50s. Nah, seluruh kamera ini sudah mendukung dua fitur utama, yakni Scene Optimizer berbasis Artificial Intelligence (AI) yang bisa mengenali berbagai skenario pengambilan foto, serta Auto HDR. Lalu, bagaimana kualitasnya? Silahkan simak video review kamera Galaxt A51 sob... Baca juga: 🤍 🤍 🤍 WEBSITE 🤍 FOLLOW US ON Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 - DAFTAR KOMUNITAS TELSET Kirim identitas Kamu (Nama, Alamat, Alamat Email) ke: Email: telset.community🤍gmail.com WhatsApp: 0821-1912-1196

P40, Huawei P40, Firmware Update Brings 50mp Camera Mode, Quad Bayer Imager In | INTERESTING VIDEOS


P40, Huawei P40, Firmware Update Brings 50mp Camera Mode, Quad Bayer Imager In | INTERESTING VIDEOS Huawei P40 | Huawei P40 Pro | Huawei P40 Pro Plus | Firmware Update | UpComing Camera Updates Through Firmware. P40, Huawei P40 Quad Bayer Imager Inside The Huawei P40 is THE MOST COMPACT model in the P40 flagship lineup. This is one of the only 'mini' handsets to emerge so far in 2020, proving a joy to handle. The FHD+ screen is crisp and colourful, although lacking the 90Hz refresh of those more premium siblings. Water resistance has also been slashed, while the 3800mAh battery is smaller and lacking fast and wireless charging. HUAWEI P40 SERIES UPCOMING CAMERA UPDATIONS HUAWEI P40 SERIES INTERESTING VIDEOS DAILY HUAWEI P40 SERIES INTERESTING VIDEOS DAILY NEWS UPDATES INTERESTING VIDEOS MAIN PAGE :- 🤍 TOP VIDEOS :- 🤍 INTERESTING VIDEOS FULL VIDEOS :- 🤍 LEGENDS OF THE WORLD :- 🤍 EVOLUTIONS :- 🤍 WORLD FACTS :- 🤍 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE :- 🤍 TOURIST SPOTS :- 🤍 AUTOMOBILES & SMART IDEAS :- 🤍 TECH & GADGETS :- 🤍 SPECIAL VIDEOS :- 🤍 FRESH UPDATES :- 🤍 #HuaweiP40Series#UpCommingCameraUpdate#HuaweiP40FirmwareUpdateBrings50mpCameraModeQuadBayerImagerInside#HuaweiP40#HuaweiP40Pro#HuaweiP40ProPlus#InterestingVideos#HuaweiP40InterestingVideos#HuaweiP40InterestingVideosDailyNewsUpdates#HuaweiP40DailyNewsUpdates#HuaweiP40DailyNewsUpdates#HuaweiP40InterestingVideo#HuaweiP40interestingvideosdaily#HuaweiP40INTERESTINVIDEOSDAILY#HuaweiP40Interestingvideosdaily#HuaweiP40InterestingVideosDaily #HuaweiP40#HuaweiP40INTERESTING#HuaweiP40INTERESTINGVIDEOS#HuaweiP40INTERESTINGVIDEO#HuaweiP40INTERESTINGVIDEOSDAILY#HuaweiP40INTERESTINGVIDEOSDAILYNEWSUPDATES#HuaweiP40DAILYNEWSUPDATES#HuaweiP40interestingvideos#HuaweiP40dailynewsupdates#HuaweiP40_daily_news_updates#HuaweiP40_daily_news_updates_interesting_videos#HuaweiP40_daily_news_updates_interesting_video#HuaweiP40_DAILY_NEWS_UPDATES#_DAILY_NEWS_UPDATES_INTERESTING_VIDEOS#HuaweiP40DailyNewsUpdatesInterestingVideos#HuaweiP40InterestingVideosDailyNewsUpdate#HuaweiP40_Interesting_Videos#HuaweiP40_Interesting_Video#HuaweiP40_Daily_News_Updates_Interesting_Videos#HuaweiP40_daily_news_updates_interesting_videos#HuaweiP40_daily_news_updates#HuaweiP40_interesting_videos#HuaweiP40_interesting_video#HuaweiP40INTERESTING#HuaweiP40Interesting#HuaweiP40Interesting#HuaweiP40interesting#HuaweiP40_Interesting_Videos#HuaweiP40Interesting_Vedios#HuaweiP40INTEREST#HuaweiP40interest#HuaweiP40INTRESTING#HuaweiP40intresting#HuaweiP40Intresting#HuaweiP40INTERESTINGVEDIO#HuaweiP40intrestingvideos#HuaweiP40DailyNewsUpdatesMalayalam#HuaweiP40_Daily_News_Updates_Malayalam#HuaweiP40_DAILY_NEWS_UPDATES_MALAYALAM#HuaweiP40DAILYNEWSUPDATESMALAYALAM#HuaweiP40_Dailly_News_Updates_Mallu#HuaweiP40DailyNewsUpdatesMallu#HuaweiP40_daily_news_updates_mallu#HuaweiP40dailynewsupdatesmallu#HuaweiP40NewsUpdates#HuaweiP40_News_Updates#HuaweiP40Newsupdates#HuaweiP40newsupdates#HuaweiP40NewsUpdatesMalayalam#HuaweiP40Newsupdatesmalayalam#HuaweiP40_News_updates_malayalam#HuaweiP40_news_updates_malayalam#HuaweiP40_NEWS_UPDATES_MALAYALAM#HuaweiP40newsupdatesmalayalam#HuaweiP40NewsUpdatesKerala#HuaweiP40_News_Updates_Kerala#HuaweiP40Newsupdateskerala#HuaweiP40newsupdateskerala#HuaweiP40NewsUpdatesIndia#HuaweiP40_News_Updates_India#HuaweiP40_News_updates_india#HuaweiP40_news_updates_india#HuaweiP40Dailynewsupdateskeralaindia#HuaweiP40DailyNewsUpdatesMalayalamKeralaIndia#HuaweiP40_Daily_News_Updates_Malayalam_Kerala_India#HuaweiP40InterestingNewsUpdates#HuaweiP40_Interesting_News_Updates#HuaweiP40_Interesting_news_updates#HuaweiP40_interesting_news_updates#HuaweiP40_INTERESTING_NEWS_UPDATES#HuaweiP40_intersting_videos_daily_news_updates#HuaweiP40_Interesting_videos_daily_news_updates#HuaweiP40_English_News#HuaweiP40englishnews#HuaweiP40_english_news#HuaweiP40_india_news_live#HuaweiP40_latest_news_india#HuaweiP40IndiaNewsLive#HuaweiP40_India_News_Live#HuaweiP40LatestNewsIndia#HuaweiP40_latest_news_india#HuaweiP40_india_today#HuaweiP40IndiaToday#HuaweiP40IndiaToday#HuaweiP40latestnewsindia#HUAWEIP40#HuaweiP40



Teaser of Sony IMX SENSOR Sony teases the upcoming IMX686 camera sensor’s photo and video capabilities In a recent post on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, Sony showcased the video and photo capabilities of the upcoming IMX686 sensor. Though the company has so far refrained from telling as to what the resolution of the Sony IMX686 sensor will be, the world of rumors has suggested that we will be getting either a 60MP sensor or a 64MP unit. Starting off with the video, the video is shot in varying lighting conditions and though it is too early to decide the actual performance of the sensor, the first impressions are pretty solid. Sadly enough, the video does not give us any intel on the sensor’s actual specifications. The video further suggests that the sensor will be unveiled next year, so we can very well expect the next year’s flagship smartphones to feature this sensor. At least the companies like Xiaomi and Realme are most likely going to utilize the Sony IMX686 sensor. If you are wondering as to which smartphone was used to capture the video, it should be noted that Sony has not used the IMX686 sensor on an actual device yet. Rather, the sensor is installed on a prototype board and a PC to take the shots. The smartphone which is being showcased in the video is just for illustration purpose. “All photos (still images) captured in this video were using Sony’s image sensor model IMX686 on a prototype board and PC. The smartphone in this movie is a mock-up and shot no images” Here are some sample shots which the company has teased – Sadly enough, the company has not shared the full-resolution images yet, so we can’t really tell for sure as to what the actual image quality of the IMX686 sensor will be, but one thing is for sure – the images are going to be amazing judging by the samples. Moreover, the night shots are also going to be the talk-of-the-town with the advent of the IMX686 sensor. As of now, this is all we know about the upcoming sensor by Sony, but we are sure to receive further intel on the same in the coming days. The smartphone manufacturers will surely start teasing their smartphones that are going to utilize this sensor once Sony starts making things official.

Почему в iPhone 12 МП? | РАЗБОР


Канал Ростелеком: 🤍 Подписка на Droider: 🤍 🤟 Сейчас в смартфоны вставляют камеры на 48, 64 и даже 108 мегапикселей! А в iPhone камера по прежнему всего 12 МП. А что если, мы вам скажем, что в Айфоне на самом деле больше мегапикселей, а в cамсунгах их меньше? При покупке смартфона от 10 000 рублей в новом салоне на Арбате и подключении к тарифному плану Ростелеком «Бесконечная история» назовите кодовое слово DROIDER и получите видеокамеру Ростелеком IPC 8232 SWC-WE FHD за 1 рубль. (Стоимость камеры за 1 рубль достигается за счет предоставления скидки на смартфон в размере 2989 рублей. Срок действия акции до 21 февраля 2021 г. Количество товара ограничено) СОДЕРЖАНИЕ 0:00 Вступление 0:45 Из чего состоит сенсор? 2:05 QuadBayer структура 3:53 Немного про Ростелеком 6:13 DualPixel структура 8:37 Преимущества и недостатки 🎧 Наш ПОДКАСТ Droidercast: Apple Podcasts: 🤍 Podster: 🤍 Мы в телеграм) 🤍 Мы в Instaram: 🤍 Еще видео и обзоры на: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 С вами на связи Борис Веденский и Валерий Истишев! Обзоры смартфонов, репортажи с выставок, новости из мира технологий и многое другое на самом популярном в Рунете канале о гаджетах Droider.Ru! #Ростелеком #iPhone #Droider #DroiderShow

Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Launched With 50-Megapixel Quad Bayer Camera, Sony OLED Display


Xiaomi Mijia Glasses have been launched and the glasses are listed on the XiaomiYouPin website and will be open for crowdfunding from August 3. The Mijia glasses feature a 50-megapixel quad-bayer four-in-one wide angle camera and an 8-megapixel periscope telephoto camera with split optical image stabilization. Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera has been priced at CNY 2,699 and the glasses offer 5x optical zoom and 15x hybrid zoom. The glasses will let wearers record videos in real-time with the support of backtracking function and second-level rush capture. The backtracking function can retain image content from 10 seconds prior to pressing the shutter. The Xiaomi Mijia Glasses can connect to a smartphone and rapidly import the images and features a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core independent computing platform. . . . . . The NextRadar covers technology, gadgets, and all the latest hot news, that tech enthusiasts want to read. Enhance your radar with us and together we will shape the future Can't get enough of your TECH? Why not SUBSCRIBE? (it's free!) 😄 ✔YouTube: 🤍 ✔Facebook: 🤍 ✔Instagram: 🤍 ✔Website: 🤍 Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. This channel is managed by NEXT RADAR official team - World's Largest growing YouTube Channel. Any uploading of our audio/visual content is strongly prohibited and the result will be ending up with a Strike, copyright infringement notice & penalties. For further queries here: support🤍thenextradar.com . . . . . #NextRadar #technology #gadgets #hot news #tech #radar #future #SUBSCRIBE #thenextradar #NewTechnology #Gadgets #NewTech #NewGadgets #NewInventions #AmazonGadgets #NuevaTecnologia #Latesttechnology #UltimaTecnologia #Inventions #techgadgets #Xiaomi #MijiaGlasses #Camera #OLED #XiaomiYouPin #crowdfunding #wideanglecamera #periscope #telephotocamera #opticalimage #backtracking #shutter #smartphone #import #features #Qualcomm #Snapdragon #computing #platform

Dji Mavic Air 2- Entenda a câmera de 48mb através do Filtro Quad Bayer


Após o lançamento do Dji Mavic Air dois ficamos impressionados com a câmera de 48mb.. Mas... Vamos entender como funciona essa tecnologia? Nos acompanhe nas redes sociais: Dicas do nosso dia a dia no mundo de drones 🤍 Fotos, Produções e vídeos com drone: 🤍 Quer saber sobre drones e agricultura? 🤍



O smartphone mais potente do Mundo já chegou e por isso mesmo, vamos fazer o unboxing da pack mais incrível que vais encontrar do ROG Phone 5. Mais informações do Asus ROG Phone 5 🤍 Já estás inscrito no canal? 🤍 Nuno Agonia Instagram 🤍 Specs do ROG Phone 5 Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G 64-bit Octa-Core 2.84GHz 5nm Qualcomm Adreno 660 6.78" AMOLED HDR10+ Resolução: 2448x1080 (395ppp) 144Hz/1ms Refresh Rate Brilho Máximo: 1200nits Vidro Frontal: 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 16GB RAM LPDDR5 256GB Memória Interna UFS3.1 Cameras Traseiras - 64MP Sony IMX686 Quad Bayer f/1.8 - 13MP UltraWide f/2.4 - 5MP Macro f/2.0 Camera Frontal - 24MP Quad Bayer f/2.45 8K Video (7680x4320) 🤍30fps SlowMotion 4K a 120fps Dual Speakers Frontais com GameFX e DIRAC HD 4 Microfones com OZO Noise Reduction DualSIM com Dual Standby Ligação USB 3.1 Gen2/DP 1.4 (4K) Bateria 6.000mAh com MMT (2x 3.000mAh) Carregamento Super 65W (21V 3A) ROG (RGB Light) Logo Traseiro Android 11 com ROG UI Peso: 238g Acessórios ROG5: - Aeroactive Cooler 5 - Aero Case - HyperCharger Modelos e Cores: - ROG Phone 5 (Phantom Black / Storm White) - ROG Phone 5 Pro (Glossy White) - ROG Phone 5 ULTIMATE (Matte White) ROG 5 #rogphone5 #smartphone #gamer

DJI Mini 3 Pro - 12mp vs 48mp Image Quality Comparison


LINK to download RAW IMAGES ⬇️ Quick video comparing the 12MP and 48MP photo modes on the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Quadbayer filters have come quite a way since the Mavic Air 2, and the 48MP mode on the Mini 3 Pro is more than just a gimmicky feature to grab headlines....or maybe not? Took some time to put a bunch of shots I took utilizing both photo modes side-by-side to help others get a better idea of which to use. 🚁 If you like comparisons, check out my ultimate comparison guide of DJI drones: 🤍 🖼 RAW IMAGES: 🤍 MY CONCLUSIONS: 1) The 12MP images consistently had a better dynamic range. 2) The 48bmp images were sharper and had better details. DJI Mini 3 Pro: 🤍 🐦 TWITTER 🤍 📖 FACEBOOK 🤍 📸 INSTAGRAM 🤍 🕺 TIKTOK 🤍 If you have any questions, comments, or whatever else, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Also, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more tech videos, tips, unboxings, and quality tests. THANKS FOR WATCHING! 🎤 DJI Drone Rap Battle - 🤍 DJI MINI 3 PRO FEATURES Fly longer and safer with the ultra-portable Mini 3 Pro with DJI RC Remote from DJI. One of the biggest improvements over the Mini 2 is the inclusion of a tri-directional obstacle avoidance system, which can avoid accidents by automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles in its flight path. The Mini 3 Pro also provides an upgrade in visual quality, adding the ability of 60 fps filming at 4K, slow motion 120 fps at 1080p, and extremely hi-res 48MP raw stills. Even the flight time has been improved up to 34 minutes, or even longer with an optional Plus battery. Add in a foldable design and a host of tracking and imaging modes, and you have a drone that travels easily and can accommodate both impromptu personal or professional aerial imaging. Amazon: 🤍 B&H Photo: 🤍 📨 Business inquiries: digitaltechreviewsandtips🤍gmail.com

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro cameras: What you need to know


Following the announcement the iPhone 14 series there has been a lot of confusion and misinformation online. We take a detailed look at the photo and video upgrades to let you know what to expect. Special thanks to Ted Forbes from Art of Photography: 🤍 Read Richard Butler's iPhone 14/14 Pro analysis: 🤍 Music provided by BeatSuite.com 🤍 Rental equipment provided by The Camera Store 🤍 0:00 - Intro 1:00 - iPhone 14 Cameras 1:46 - iPhone 14 Pro Cameras 3:18 - Quad bayer sensor 6:09 - ProRaw 7:02 - Video upgrades 8:50 - The wrap - DPReview.com is the world's largest digital camera review website. Welcome to our YouTube channel! Subscribe for new feature videos, reviews, interviews and more. Discover the world's most in-depth digital camera reviews at 🤍

Mavic 3 avis après 6 mois - Mini 3 Pro avis avant lancement


L'actualité de Paladrone, pour partager mon avis sur le Mavic 3 et le Mini 3 Pro. - Après 6 mois d'utilisation : ce que je pense du Mavic 3. - Avant sa sortie, je commente les spécifications du Mini 3 Pro. 0:00 introduction 0:55 Mavic 3 ou Mavic 3 ciné 1:44 Es-tu satisfait du Mavic 3 ? 2:36 le téléobjectif 3:49 DJI Fly 4:27 RC Pro 5:11 A qui s'adresse le Mavic 3 ? 5:42 Mavic 3, un bon investissement ? 6:05 Mini 3 Pro - Les nouveautés 8:58 Mini 3 Pro - autres spécificités 10:05 Mini 3 Pro - les possibles points faibles 12:23 Mini 3 Pro - le test de Paladrone ?

realme 9 Pro+ Camera Focused Review


I have reviewed the brand new realme 9 Pro+ smartphone. I have focused on its cameras. The smartphone has a large 1/1.56-inch type Sony IMX766 CMOS sensor with 50 MPx and Quad Bayer, 8MPx ultra-wide angle camera and 2MPx macro. There is also a 16MPx selfie camera. In this review of realme 9 Pro+, I am talking about the image quality, which photography and video mode are present, there are also some samples like images, 4K videos and some slow-motion video takes. Full review of realme 9 Pro+ smartphone with full resolution JPEG and RAW samples can be found at 🤍 #realme9proplus #realme9proseries #realme9 0:00 - Introduction, build quality 0:20 - Main 50 MPx camera, low light and night samples, manual exposure 1:03 - Optical stabilization (OIS) 1:17 - Dynamic range (HDR) 1:23 - Ultra-wide 8MPx camera 1:58 - Macro camera (2MPx) 2:35 - Frontal selfie camera, portrait mode, F0.95 simulation 3:14 - Camera software, user interface (UI) 3:33 - Expert PRO mode with manual controls 3:54 - Video modes 4:42 - Artificial intelligence (AI) enhancement 4:57 - 50MPx images in comparison with 12MPx ones 5:33 - Manual PRO video mode 6:04 - Slow-motion video 6:35 - Conclusion with stills and video samples from all three rear cameras

The Magic of the DJI Mavic Air 2's HDR Sensor - Half Chrome Drones


The DJI Mavic Air 2 uses the 1/2 inch Sony IMX586 sensor with a Quad Bayer filter. What does that mean? Amazing HDR photos and videos. Help our our channel by subscribing and using these links to learn more. #drone #dji #HDR Order the Mavic Air 2 from DJI: 🤍 Order the Mavic Air 2 from Amazon: 🤍 Order the Mavic Air 2 from Banggood: 🤍 Learn More: 🤍 This contains affiliate links. Clicking them helps support this channel. Do you want to know what our favorite drones are or what cameras we use? Here you go... 🤍 DJI Mavic Air 2: 🤍 Mavic Mini: 🤍 Phantom 4 Pro: 🤍 Mavic 2: 🤍 Mavic Air: 🤍 Racers/FPV DJI iFlight DC5 package: 🤍 Emax Hawk Sport: 🤍 Eachine LAL5: 🤍 Taranis QX7: 🤍 Tinyhawk all-in-one: 🤍 Tinyhawk S: 🤍 FatShark goggles: 🤍 Skyzone FPV goggles: 🤍 Budget FPV goggles: 🤍 Favorite Cameras Sony a6500: 🤍 GoPro Hero 8: 🤍 iPhone X: 🤍 Learn More: 🤍halfchrome.com

Frp Bypass Teléfonos Chinos android 12, 11, 10 / Eliminar Cuenta Google Celular chinos 2022 / Sin Pc


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Mobile Unboxing || Red magic Unboxing Mobile || #unboxing #mobileunboxing


Mobile Unboxing || Red magic Unboxing Mobile || #unboxing #mobileunboxing General In The Box Handset, USB Power Adapter (30W), Type C to Type C Cable, Documentation (User Guide, Warranty Card), Ejector Pin (Sim Tray Needle), Bumper Model Number ZS676KS-1A026IN Model Name ROG 5s Color Black Browse Type Smartphones SIM Type Dual Sim Hybrid Sim Slot No Touchscreen Yes OTG Compatible Yes Quick Charging Yes Sound Enhancements Stereo Speakers, Quad Microphone SAR Value Head: 1.180 W/kg Display Features Display Size 17.22 cm (6.78 inch) Resolution 2448 x 1080 Pixels Resolution Type Full HD+ GPU Qualcomm Adreno 660 Display Type Full HD+ Display Os & Processor Features Operating System Android 11 Processor Type Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus (SM8350) Processor Core Octa Core Primary Clock Speed 2.99 GHz Operating Frequency 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900, 3G UMTS: 850(5)/900/1700/1800/1900/1(2100), 4G FDD LTE: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12, B13, B17, B18, B19, B20, B25, B26, B28, B29, B30, B32, B66, B71, 4G TD LTE: B34, B38, B39, B40, B41, B42, B48, 5G: N1, N2, N3, N5, N7, N8, N12, N20, N25, N28, N38, N40, N41, N66, N71, N77, N78, N79 Memory & Storage Features Internal Storage 128 GB RAM 8 GB Camera Features Primary Camera Available Yes Primary Camera 64MP + 13MP + 5MP Primary Camera Features Triple Rear Camera Setup: 64MP (Sony IMX686 Image Sensor) + 13MP Ultrawide + 5MP Macro Secondary Camera Available Yes Secondary Camera 24MP Front Camera Secondary Camera Features 24MP Camera Setup: Quad Bayer Technology, f/2.0 Aperture, 27mm Equivalent Focal Length in 35mm Film Camera, FOV: 77.9 Degree Field of View Flash Rear Flash HD Recording Yes Video Recording Yes Digital Zoom Yes Dual Camera Lens Primary Camera Call Features Call Divert Yes Call Records Yes Connectivity Features Network Type 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G Supported Networks 5G, 4G LTE, UMTS, GSM Internet Connectivity 5G,4G,3G,2G,Wi-Fi 3G Yes GPRS Yes Pre-installed Browser Google Chrome Bluetooth Support Yes Bluetooth Version v5.2 Wi-Fi Yes Wi-Fi Version 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6) NFC Yes USB Tethering Yes TV Out Yes USB Connectivity Yes EDGE Yes Audio Jack 3.5mm Map Support Google Maps GPS Support Yes Other Details Smartphone Yes SIM Size Nano + Nano Removable Battery No SMS Yes User Memory 116 Sensors Gyroscope, E-Compass, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, In-Display Fingerprint, Accelerator, Gyro (Support AR Core), Ultrasonic Sensor Upgradable Operating System Yes Browser Google Chrome Other Features 2 x 2 MIMO, Wi-Fi Direct, Back Cover Color & Decoration: Glass With Film, In-Display Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Weight: 160g (Without Battery), aptX, aptX HD GPS Type GPS (L1+L5), GLONASS, GLONASS (L1), BDS (B1/B2a), GALILEO (E1+E5a), QZSS (L1+L5), NavIC (L5)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. Nokia Lumia 1020 - Raw & ISO comparison


(S21U: Exynos model, AUB9 updated) A Quad Bayer sensor from 2021 (2020) performs almost identically to a (~same sized) traditional sensor from 2013. L1020's lens flare is the biggest difference. I can't really say why Quad Bayer sensors have become so popular in phones. Timestamps: 0:00:00 Specs 0:00:25 Daylight 0:01:53 Lowlight 0:03:21 Dynamic range 0:04:21 Ultra-low light 0:05:21 Fixed ISO 100-3200 0:06:01 ISO summary 0:06:14 Points Thanks for watching. I'll try to test the OnePlus 9 soon.

Realme X camera review | low light | Realme X camera test | photo samples


48MP Quad Bayer main camera with a 5MP sidekick The Realme X's primary camera uses the Sony IMX586 sensor - a 48MP Quad Bayer variety with a Type 1/2" overall size and 0.8µm pixel pitch. It's paired with an f/1.7 aperture 26mm-equivalent lens. Unlike some implementations of this particular imager, this setup lacks OIS. For business inquiries contact me at npaloski🤍gmail.com or WhatsApp: +38978651378 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Like me on Facebook: 🤍 Thanks for watching my video. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel, I upload videos on a daily bases. #ANDROID #SMARTPHONE #REALME

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