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Exploring Gunma in 5 Days | Gunma Travel Vlog 1


This is day 1 of our 5-day Gunma series! Our first vlog on the road and while it may be far from perfect, we hope that you enjoy it :) Each day of this trip, we'll be exploring a different part of Gunma and taking you along for the ride, so if you're looking forward to that, make sure to subscribe! — INSTAGRAM 🤍 — VLOGGING GEAR (affiliate links) Main Camera: 🤍 Vlog Cam: 🤍 Main Lens (35mm f1.8): 🤍 Vlog Lens (16-70m f4): 🤍 Drone: 🤍 Go Pro: 🤍

Best things in Gunma Prefecture: Exploring Kusatsu Onsen & Tomioka Silk Mill | Japan Travel


Gunma Prefecture may be a landlocked prefecture but it has so much history and culture. By far the best thing to do in Gunma is visiting Kusatsu Onsen. Kusatsu is one of the most famous onsen towns in Japan and for a good reason! Flowing through the entire town is a number of hot springs rich in assorted minerals that are known for there healing properties. If your one for hot springs, than thats fine, too. You can watch a live cultural preformace and explore the unique townscape. I also made a stop over at Takumi no sato, which is a small craft village hidden away in the mountains. It's an easy and rekaxing place to spend a few hours and learn how to make some interesting local crafts. Next there is the Tomioka Silk Mill. This mill was the first silk mill in Japan and helped bring japan into the 20th century. The silk mill also some interesting history behind it, including possible myths about vampires?! Lastly, just a few mintues drive from the silk mill is the famous Daruma temple. As the name suggests, this temple is famous for Daruma and actually has the largest concentration of Daruma dolls in all of Japan. This temple is definitely ely worth t a quick stop over. _ Hi, I’m Leah! I’m a twenty-something U.S.-native and adventurer trying to visit as many countries as possible. I’m a part-time traveler and a full-time English teacher in Japan on the JET Program. Find more adventures on my blog: (coming soon) Like me on Facebook: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 _ Music from YouTube Audio Library Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Rush Wondershare Filmora9 iMovie Gear I used: Fuji FIlm TX100 Crosstour4K Rode VideoMic Pro DJI Spark Drone

My Dog was invited by The Governor of Japan (Gunma)


Visit Guma prefecture when you visit Japan! Daisuki Gunma! #ad 🤍

trip to gunma with friends | daily life in japan


Hello! Here's a little travel vlog from when my friends and I went to Gunma prefecture during our Golden Week holiday. Tiktok: 🤍tokyogems Instagram: 🤍syccimassu / 🤍tokyogems tumblr: 🤍tokyogems

Kusatsu Onsen Wonderland Walking Tour - Gunma Japan [4K/Binaural]


Welcome to Kusatsu Onsen! This video starts on a small street and we are walking around this nationally famous hot spring town Kusatsu. Experience this magical atmosphere! Walk Route: 🤍 Date & Time: 12/18/2021 16:10pm * Chapters 0:00 Opening Title 0:53 Takishita-dori St 3:37 Yubatake 1 7:29 Yutaki-dori St 8:03 Yumomi Show Venue 8:38 Free Hot Spring (Very Hot!) 10:33 Kosenji Temple 11:34 Christmas Tree 2 12:08 Yubatake 2 12:58 Chou-dori St 13:49 Sainokawara-dori St 18:26 Free Steamed Bun and Tea at Chojuten 21:04 Yutaki-dori St 26:23 Yubatake 3 * Trivia: For full Yumomi Show, please click this link. 🤍 I uploaded this video as a Premiere show and I was asked a question about the temperature by a few people so here is the answer. It was -7° and I didn't expect it snowed that much either so I came in completely wrong shoes. Take a look at this. 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

24 hours Exploring The Japanese Countryside of Gunma


Known for its sparkling onsens and amazing local crafts Gunma is just a short train or bus ride from Tokyo! We had the pleasure of spending 24 hours in this prefecture sampling its delicious local food, diving into local crafts and of course kicking back and relaxing in an onsens! At just a short way from Tokyo, Gunma has everything you need for a relaxing stay! More info on Gunma and the places we visited! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Gunma Excellence: 🤍 Places we visited: Usaburo Kokeshi 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Ikaho Onsen 🤍 Chigira Jinsentei 🤍 Daimonya 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tofu Matsumura 🤍 Follow us on social media! Jordan: 🤍 Sarah: 🤍 Shah: 🤍 ☆JOIN OUR NEW SURVEY COMMUNITY!☆ 🤍 ☆Pocket WiFi & SIM Card Rental Japan - Sakura Mobile☆ 🤍 ———————————— Follow our social media channels for live updates and behind the scenes: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 (for business enquiries) SHOP: 🤍

Visiting the REAL SPIRITED AWAY ONSEN in Gunma, Japan


Shima onsen in Gunma, Japan is one of the real life locations that inspired Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Join us as we tour the onsen town, take a private bath and eat Gunma’s speciality, pork tonkatsu. //COME SAY HI! Instagram: 🤍 //TRAVEL INFO: Sekizenkan - 🤍 Shima Yamaguchikan (where we stayed) - 🤍 Shima onsen (info about the town) - 🤍 //MUSIC FROM: Epidemic Sound - 🤍 0:00 Shima onsen intro 0:42 Spirited Away onsen, Sekizenkan 2:43 Shima Yamaguchikan 3:38 Private onsen 4:18 Gunma’s speciality, pork tonkatsu 4:40 Old Enough 5:05 Japanese sweets, agemanju 7:12 Japan’s melody roads #japan #onsen #spiritedaway

The Seasons of Japan in Gunma Prefecture


Gunma Prefecture is located just an hour away from Tokyo, and showcases the beauty of Japan throughout every season of the year. Summer greenery, autumn leaves and winter snow are just a sampling of what Gunma can offer to seasonal travelers. With every season comes different activities – skiing and snowboarding during the winter, or hiking through the lush mountain ranges in summer; experiencing ancient culture and tradition against the autumn leaves, or enjoying a stroll in classic kimono during the spring. Gunma is famous throughout Japan for its onsen hot spring baths, which have influenced countless media including famous Japanese anime. Any time of the year, visiting Gunma brings an endless amount of activities to enjoy . 🤍 Locations: 00:00 – Lake Shima 00:07 – Mt. Tanigawa 00:13 – Oze National Park 00:15 – Lake Sugenuma 00:18 – Yoshigadaira Wetlands 00:20 – Kusatsu Onsen 00:27 – Mt. Tanigawa 00:29 – Takaragawa Onsen 00:31 – Kusatsu Onsen 00:33 – Daimonya Co., Ltd 00:36 – Around Manza Onsen 00:39 – Hotokuji Temple 00:41 – Shima Onsen 00:45 – Ikaho Onsen 00:48 – Kajika Bridge 00:51 – Hoshi Onsen Chojukan



皆で楽しめた。外車今狙い目かも みやせいみつ🤍 今度クランクAE86改削ってもらいたい ガレドリ🤍 GUNMA-17 Twitter ★🤍 ■プレゼントの送り先 ただ今一時的にプレゼントの受け取りを中止しています。 ■お仕事のご依頼はコチラ gunma17.gunma🤍

Raas-Garba | Vakhod Mataji No Pratham Navchandi Havan | Khushbu Asodiya | Gunma | 07 Nov 2022.


Yade Live • We are providing live broadcasting service in Youtube. • YouTube Live Broadcasting • drone shots • Contact for Live Consol : Gaurav : +(91) 9924418655. Dipak. : +(91) 9924870549. ​ Subscribe : 🤍 Like , Share , Waching , subscribe & Support #khusbuasodiya #raasgarba #gunma #trending #yadelive #yadelive_makakhad #khusbu_asodiya_live_today #livestream #liveperformance #livegarba #new2022 #new_latest_song_gujarati #new_update

Still Finding Hidden Gems In Gunma


Today I set out north towards Minakami to go do some exploring. Just another Saturday exploring the countryside of Gunma. Leaving Maebashi, I cut through Shibukawa and quickly find a cool park called Numaogawa Water Park where I get out and explore. The cherry blossoms were poppin and in full bloom, just a beautiful sight to see. There was also nobody there so it felt like an abandoned park that I got to play in all to my lonesome. After that, started back north and quickly found another place to stop, the Tanashita Fudou Waterfall. This was another gem I'd never been to before, even though it is just 35 minutes from my house. Then after the waterfall, I stop by an old closed down but still used for somebody's storage school. Minakami is still a ways away, so I decide to turn the ship around and head back to Maebashi to grab lunch and call it a day. I end up eating at my buddy's Thai food restaurant called Nanashiya in Maebashi. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for watching...

Exploring Gunma with Kim Dao and Internationallyme


Check out the Odigo Japan Website for all Japan related information! 🤍 Information on places seen in this video: Minakami Onsen: 🤍 Kusatsu Onsen: 🤍 Gunma Safari Park: 🤍 We will be sending out 4 YouTubers on adventures throughout Japan covering all 47 prefectures! Come follow us as we will be uploading daily vlogs of each day, special reports on each prefecture featuring Rachel and Jun, Kim Dao and Chris Broad and many more types of videos that will for sure keep you interested in Japan! Check out Kim Dao here: 🤍 Check out Internationallyme here: 🤍 Check out our daily vlogs throughout Fukushima!! Day 24: 🤍 Day 25: 🤍 Day 26: 🤍 ————————————————————————————————————————­————————————————— Music by: Itro & Tobu - Holiday 🤍 Tobu: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Itro: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love 🤍 Diviners ➞ SoundCloud 🤍 ➞ Facebook 🤍 ➞ Twitter 🤍 ➞ Instagram 🤍 Contacreast (vocalist) ➞ SoundCloud 🤍 ————————————————————————————————————————­————————————————— Follow Odigo on Social Media: TWITTER: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍

Adventure in Gunma, Japan - Summer Trip (Part 1)


Welcome to Gunma, Japan – where one summer can make memories for a lifetime. In Episode 1 of their Summer Adventure, we meet Nick and Olivia on separate paths in Gunma. He is a photographer embarking on a journey to reinvent his style; she is a travel lover on a solo trip through the prefecture. In part one, they dive separately into Gunma’s rich offerings – heart-pounding activities before breathtaking natural landscapes, traditional handmade crafts among culturally vibrant towns and villages. Of course, no adventure in Gunma would be complete without the onsen experience, and we see the pair each relaxing with traditional Japanese meals and rejuvenating spring waters. Whether it’s personal or professional – or a mixture of both – those who seek something from Gunma will no doubt discover a vast range of places and experiences that will stay with them forever. When Nick and Olivia finally meet, where will they end up? * Locations Featured: 00:00 - Mt. Tanigawa 00:43 - Ikaho 01:11 - Ikaho-jinja Shrine 01:27 - Oze National Park 01:38 - Lake Akaya, Bungee Jumping in Minakami 01:55 - Canyoning in Minakami(Canyons Ltd.) 02:07 - Lake Sugenuma 02:15 - Fukiware no Taki Falls 02:32 - Usaburo Kokeshi 02:44 - Daimonya Co., Ltd. 02:59 - Kawaba Onsen Yutorian 03:21 - Oyado Tamaki 03:47 - Yoshigadaira Wetlands

O que fazer em Gunma: Shimagawa Dam e Região


O que fazer em Shimagawa (Gunma) 📝 Roteiro de 1 dia em Shimagawa Gunma Gunma: Shimagawa Dam e Região . Siga-me no instagram: 🤍riccinojapao Site/blog: 🤍 . Dei um rolê em Gunma e visitei alguns locais turísticos da província. Não esqueça de se inscrever no canal e comentar o que você achou, sugerir novos temas, etc. . . . Gostou desse vídeo? POR FAVOR, LEIA: Apoie o canal e me ajude a produzir conteúdos com mais qualidade e frequência: 🤍 . Eu também posso lhe ajudar com consultoria para você iniciar seu processo de intercâmbio no Japão. Entre em contato pelo e-mail: renan.ricci.91🤍 Ficarei feliz em ajudá-lo(a). . . Drone que eu utilizo: 🤍 . . . Todos os vídeos desse canal são dedicados a minha Sensei, Akiko Ikehara.

Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma Prefecture! | 宝川温泉


I went and stayed for a night at Takaragawa Onsen which is located around 2 hours out of Tokyo by shinkansen and shuttle bus. It was absolutely incredible - a must-visit if you want to experience traditional Japanese accommodation! English website: 🤍 Music by: 🤍

Anime vs Reality: Introducing Gunma, Setting of Initial D and Real Life Japanese Street Racing


DRIFT HUNTER is a documentary series about street drifting in Japan. It is literally Initial D in Real Life. Become a Patron now: 🤍 More important info below the fold: Behind-the-scenes: 🤍 More exclusive content: 🤍 Support this project with cool stuff: 🤍 Follow on Facebook: 🤍 ☆☆☆SPECIAL REQUEST TO FANS☆☆☆ ONLY If you really LOVED this video, please consider making a post about this video on Reddit, CarThrottle, your favorite car forum or facebook group (*゚ー゚)ゞ!!! よろしくお願いします〜 ☆☆☆SPECIAL THANKS TO☆☆☆ - my friend 空人ちゃんねるfor letting me use his aerial drone footage. Check him out here:🤍 - my good friend NihonJoey for letting me use his incredible starlapse footage 🤍 - my brother from another mother, Mike for the incredible Drift Hunter title animation - my music producer and childhood friend Quinn for the ending music 🤍 - my friend Alex, co-admin of Initial D World for letting me use footage of his beautiful replica AE86 🤍 ☆ Drift Hunter Episode 2 - Introduction to Initial D in Real Life ☆ In Episode 2 of Drift Hunter the documentary series, we'd like to bring you to Japan and introduce you to Gunma prefecture; the actual place where Initial D is set. Initial D has placed Gunma on the map but most people know nothing about it. And around the world, fans of drifting may be vaguely familiar with Initial D but have no idea about the drifting heritage it has or how a silly anime has changed the world. Hopefully this episode is able to bring fans of car culture, drifting, anime and Japan together. I really hope you loved this video! I honestly put my heart into it. If you like what I'm doing with this documentary series, it would truly help if you guys; fans of drifting, japan, car culture, Initial D, - helped me get some more people to check out this episode. So yup, please share this link with your friends and the internets. Reddit, Forums, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. And let me know what you want to see more of! As always, thanks for liking and subscribing. LAST THING I PROMISE! If this is your first time stumbling upon my page, please check out my daily life vlog which is basically a meta documentary of me producing this documentary behind the scenes. If you read this far down, write "bananas!" in your comment down below;) Thanks again for watching and from over here in Japan, I wish you a fantastic day.

Exploring Kusatsu: Famous Japanese Hot Spring Town | Last Day in Gunma


For our last (half) day in Gunma, we explored the Famous Japanese Hot Spring town, Kusatsu! We started our day with some bagels by the foot bath, and then explored this onsen village. We visited the Kosenji temple, right next to the Yubatake, as well as the Sainogawara Onsen Park. We'll be coming out with a complete travel guide for Gunma in the near future, so if you're looking forward to that, make sure to subscribe! 🐻 INSTAGRAM 🖼 🤍 🐻 VLOGGING GEAR 📸 (Make purchases using the links below if you want to help support this channel!🙏) Main Camera: 🤍 Vlog Cam: 🤍 Main Lens: 🤍 Vlog Lens: 🤍 Drone: 🤍 Go Pro: 🤍

Gunma Crane Thunders vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings - Game Highlights


Watch the Game Highlights from Gunma Crane Thunders vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings, 01/29/2023 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL SITE 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Twitter 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Facebook 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Instagram 🤍 #BLEAGUE 00:00:00 - 1st Quarter 00:00:31 - 2nd Quarter 00:00:49 - 3rd Quarter 00:01:00 - 4th Quarter 00:01:57 -

奥利根スノーパーク okutone snow park Gunma prefecture_ Nha Rua Mit


SUBSCRIBE 🤍 🤍 ゲレンデマップ 新第4リフト&新コース誕生!全長2500m、標高差500mのロングライド 現在の山頂からさらに上に拡大したゲレンデを、思う存分お楽しみください。 お車でのアクセス 関越道「水上I.C」から10㎞、首都圏から2時間でアクセス! 関越自動車道「水上I.C」から10kmという近さに加え、スキー場入口まで融雪道路そして、上り坂も少ないためお車でも安心してご来場いただけます。 駐車場について 無料駐車場600台完備!深夜到着もOK! 駐車料金は毎日無料!24時間開放しておりますので、深夜到着でも駐車可能です。駐車場お手洗いも24時間ご利用頂けます。 無料シャトルバス 水上駅から無料シャトルバスが運行! 水上駅からスキー場直行の無料シャトルバスでらくらくアクセス! 宅配便の取扱いについて 当施設では、スキー・スノーボード等のお荷物を事前に宅配便等でお送りいただければ、お荷物を受け取ってお預かりするサービスをご提供いたしております。 ご利用希望の方は、下記までお送りください。 住所 〒379-1724 群馬県利根郡みなかみ町向山奥利根スノーパーク宛 TEL 0278-72-8101 ACCESS Getting to OKUTONE SNOWPARK is easy. Just click on our Google Map links for detailed directions from your place. Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area —OKUTONE drive takes approximately 2hours , depending on road and traffic conditions. Gia đình mình đang sống ở Nhật. Rất vui được làm quen và giao lưu cùng các bạn! Chúc mọi người luôn vui vẻ hạnh phúc Đăng ký kênh Please SUBSCRIBE 👉 🤍 🤍 Mùa Thu Nhật Bản : 🤍 Thuỷ Cung ở Nhật Bản : 🤍 Sanrio Puroland : 🤍 ABU robocon 2018 : 🤍 cuộc sống Nhật : 🤍 Tàu Điện Nhật Bản : 🤍 sở thú nhật bản : 🤍 tobu zoo park : 🤍 mai khôi kawaguchi : 🤍 Phong Cảnh Nhật Bản : 🤍 Chơi Đùa Cùng Bé : 🤍 Trượt Tuyết cùng Nha Rua Mit : 🤍 Những Hình ảnh dễ thương của Mít : 🤍 Landras Dream của Audionautix được cấp phép theo giấy phép Giấy phép Creative Commons – Ghi công 4.0. 🤍 Nghệ sĩ: 🤍 One Fine Day của Audionautix được cấp phép theo giấy phép Giấy phép Creative Commons – Ghi công 4.0. 🤍 Nghệ sĩ: 🤍 River Meditation của Audionautix được cấp phép theo giấy phép Giấy phép Creative Commons – Ghi công 4.0. 🤍 Nghệ sĩ: 🤍 Acoustic Guitar 1 của Audionautix được cấp phép theo giấy phép Giấy phép Creative Commons – Ghi công 4.0. 🤍 Nghệ sĩ: 🤍

Full Day of Eating and Exploring in Gunma


In this video, I eat lunch at a famous motsuni(pig intestine stew) roadside restaurant in Shibukawa, Gunma. I then take you with me to explore some areas of Gunma I haven't checked out before. I chat with some of the locals, explore more abandoned buildings and run-down homes, visit an old cable car station at the top of Agaki Mountain, and much more. Thanks for watching The Motsuni Restaurant 🤍

My Japanese Hometown - Shibukawa, Gunma. #RandomJapan


This is where I spent my first 5 years when I arrived here as an English teacher, and where I have returned thanks to my current Job being in the next city over. If home is where the heart is then Shibukawa is more my home than anywhere else on earth, even South Africa. This was the first time I took the Black Magic Micro Cinema camera that vinod is lending me out for a spin so it's all tripod/static shots, but yeah. even then, I'm loving how the image from this old super 16 sensor sized little beast of a camera looks. #fearofthedarc #randomjapan #gunma MUSIC: - MachnimaSound - Ecstatic Wave - 🤍 Camera: Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera: (Amazon JP: 🤍 ) Somethin I need to save for: (Amazon JP: 🤍 ) SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 Follow me on Social: - 🤍 - 🤍

Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine


Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. A pioneering institution in the development of clinical practice and technology through active research. Gunma University Hospital, 100km northwest of Tokyo, is a leading centre for medical training and research and provides advanced medical care for the community not available in general hospitals. Gunma University Hospital serves as a pioneering institution in the development of clinical practice and technology through active research. The Gunma University Department of Radiation Oncology has three main activities: radiotherapy using X-ray and brachytherapy, carbon ion radiotherapy and basic research on radiation biology. The Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine performs diagnostic radiology, clinical nuclear medicine and interventional radiology. We also perform research in these fields, in addition to molecular imaging. Research is done on a multidisciplinary and multicenter basis. Communicating our study and findings is as important as the research itself, so collaboration with other countries is crucial.

Kokeshi tripThe Japanese bullet train from Osaka to Gunma Travel in Japan


A bullet train trip from Osaka to Gunma - Kokeshi studio Travel in Japan Support this poor Japanese dude on Patreon 🤍 Kokeshige's Instagram: 🤍 at Shin-Osaka bullet train station 0:00 in Shinkansen Osaka to Tokyo station 2:20 at Tokyo station 4:18 at Takasaki station 7:38 at Gunma-soja station 8:20 at Kokeshige's kokeshi studio 9:07 Stupid Yuya forgot to shoot a fun night video 12:48 Local food "Okirikomi" 14:58 -*-*-*-*-Recommendation videos-*-*-*-*- How to make Japanese Traditional Breakfast/ Healthy Miso soup 🤍 How to Cook Kimchi Fried Rice 🤍 How to cook Curry/ Cooking Japanese Food 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subscribe Yuya Nipponess Channel: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Wanobee kokeshi online shop: 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ #YuyaNipponess #bullettrain #shinkansen #kokeshi #gunma Hi there! My name is Yuya. The founder of a kokeshi doll shop/ Japanese teacher. I'm happy to share some funny, interesting, and weird stories about Japan with you here. Used to live in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Suzhou, Okinawa and currently living in Osaka. Kokeshi dolls are super cute. If you like Japanese kokeshi dolls/ handcraft, please visit our online shop. Worldwide shipping/ Paypal and credit card payments 【 Yuya 橘子叔叔/ Wanobee shop 代表】 大家好!我叫Yuya! 因為我是日本愛媛縣(橘子王國)出生的,所以你可以叫我橘子叔叔! 我以前在台灣大學留學過,然後在上海工作4年了。 19年回日本以後創業了。現在做出口貿易網店的老闆。 如果你想學習日文的話請看看我的日文課影片。 【3カ国語話者 Yuya Makky / Wanobee こけしSHOP 代表 】 明治大学→フリーター→台湾留学→上海商社マン→日本起業 純ドメ フリーター(作曲家)から独学で英語を習得後、台湾にて中国語を習得、上海の商社にて勤務。 2019年に帰国後、語学を駆使して生き延びています。TOEICで900点超えたので、次はスペイン語を勉強中。 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Subscribe Yuya Nipponess Channel: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Wanobee kokeshi online shop: 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ A bullet train trip from Osaka to Gunma - Kokeshi studio Travel in Japan

Wanderin' GUNMA -Summer-


Is there anything more Japanese than the luscious green leaves, the beautiful warm nights and the enchanting festival atmosphere of the summertime? In Gunma Prefecture, there is no limit to what you can do during the long, hot summer months! If it's culture and tradition, you can discover some dazzling festivals or deep-rooted theaters, temples and shrines with character and history you cannot find anywhere else. And it wouldn't be Gunma without a wealth of outdoor activities - from hiking the legendary mountains of the prefecture to finding childhood joy at nostalgic amusement parks; Gunma is brimming with discoveries for a summer adventure. * Locations: 0:00 – Mt. Akagi (🤍 0:12 – Lake Usui 0:20 – Ogura Grape Orchard 0:29 – Ko-onji Temple and Horinji Temple 0:44 – Kezoji Amusement Park (🤍 0:53 – Kanayama Castle Ruins 1:05 – Tsuchi to Hi no Sato (🤍 1:17 – Takuminosato (🤍 1:27 – Morinji Temple (🤍 1:35 – Nagame Theater (🤍 1:44 – Yamba Dam (🤍 1:53 – Mt. Iwabitsu (🤍 2:05 – Kawaba Onsen Yutorian (🤍 2:19 – Otone Sake Brewery (🤍 2:34 – Tomioka Silk Mill (🤍 2:42 – Ikaho Onsen (🤍 2:49 – funknown KIRYU Project 2:58 – Takasaki Festival (🤍 3:12 – Shima Onsen (🤍

Japan VLOG | Gunma prefecture: One night in ryokan, ryokan food, cafe hopping, Japanese shrine visit


Maebashi city in Gunma prefecture is our destination for this trip. Just couple of hours away from Tokyo, Gunma is a perfect place to go on your short weekend trip! Since we are traveling with a little baby, we chose to stay at ryokan (Japanese style inn). We enjoyed Japanese kaiseki ryori (traditional Japanese multi-course food) and onsen. Ryokan food was definitely a highlight of the trip, it was so delicious and diverse. We also visited many great cafes during this trip, enjoyed a lake stroll and visited stunning Akagi Shrine ❤️ #japan #japantravel #japanesefood #gunma #travelvlog

Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Philipines Graden in Gunma #4k #gunma | Explore Japan


Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Philipines Graden in Gunma Flower Park Add: 2471-7 Kashiwaguramachi, Maebashi, Gunma 371-0246 Tell: 027 832 8189 Fanpage ► 🤍 Web ► 🤍 TikTok ► 🤍 🔰 In today's Explore Japan in Walking Style video, join me for a relaxing walk in the suburbs of Gunma, Prefecture, Japan. 🔰 Hope you will relax while watching this video. If you see something interesting in the video, let me know. 🔰Subscribe for more 4k ASMR walking videos in Japan! 🔰In addition, when you come to EXPLORE JAPAN channel, you will discover the following interesting things : * Exlpore Japan in walking style * Explore Japan in Driving style * Japan cuisine * Walk to experence the beauty of the street of Japan * Vietnamese people in Japan * Japan travel * Famous places in Japan * Famous food in Japan * Taboos when traveling to Japan * Strange things only in Japan * Are Japanese products as good as advertised ? * Walking - The beauty of Japanese culture * Things not to do in Japan * Taboos in Japanese communication * The quintessence of Japanese cuisine * Beautiful scenery in Japan * Japanese Life * Japanese culture and virtues * How VietNam workers live in Japan women * Guide to buying online in Japan 🔰 Date: 12 AM 6/4/2022 🔰 Camera : Canon 5d Max 4 Lens : Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Gimball: DJI Ronin 00:00 Intro 00:57 Mexico Graden メキシコンーソ 2:53 Brazin graden ブラジルンーソ 6:00 Indonesia graden インドネシアンーソ 9:11 Philippin graden フィリピンンーソ 14:39 Event Greenhouse イベンと温屋 15:31 Fujinari Ryo 花写真 17:33 Gunma flower park ► EXPLORE JAPAN ► Please subscribe & hit the bell icon ► Subscribe : 🤍 #explorejapan #japanwalk #gunma

Hiking in Gunma - The Akagi Mountains


Keiji and I took a short trip from Tokyo to Gunma. We visited the Akagi Mountains from Maebashi City. This video was filmed in September 2021. 'runAway Japan' was created by and is managed by Dean Newcombe and a team of dedicated creators. We create original content in Japan, and focus on Travel, Adventure and Fun. 🤍 runAway website: 🤍 YouTube Pages runAway Home Page: 🤍 Other videos: 🤍 Social Media Facebook page: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

[VLOG] Off the beaten ski resort | Snowboarding Trip to GUNMA | a totally beginner potato


Hi peppss... In this week's video, I went for a snowboard with some of my friends. to avoid crowd, we went to an off beaten ski resort in gunma Check it out!! // WHERE TO FIND ME Instagram: yemima_lim TikTok : yemima_lim ­_ // PLACES GEAR RENTAL 🤍 GUNMA HODAIGI 🤍 ­_ // MUSIC All Music are by the most talented LOUIE ZONG 🤍 ­_ // GEAR SONY ZV-1 Camera #JapanTravel #Tohoku #Fukushima #Iwate #Miyagi



We put travel charms of three prefectures in one movie. Take a short trip to IBARAKI, TOCHIGI and GUNMA through this movie and immerse yourself with excitement and relaxation that you've never met!!

GUNMA Sightseeing Guide | Beautiful must visit Onsen Town | Kusatsu Onsen


Hello and Welcome to my channel. I have shared my experience of one beautiful place in Japan called GUNMA. If you are new to this channel, please Subscribe also Like, Share and comment down below. Gunma is one of the under rated but very beautiful place to explore in Japan. It is situated in Honshu island about 120km north of Tokyo. Its mainly known for its Hot springs (onsen) and Ski areas, but also good for Trekking and Hiking. Please find the description links below: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Please watch the video till the end for interesting Tips and Commute options!!

GUNMA CREATOR’S VISION#6 桐生市出身建築家・飯山千里さん|eスポーツ・新コンテンツ創出課|群馬県


★過去の動画はこちら!→🤍 群馬県ゆかりのクリエイターの作品やエピソードを深掘りする番組「GUNMA CREATOR’S VISION」!  ゲストに県内外問わず素敵な建物を設計され、グッドデザイン賞も受賞されている建築家・飯山千里氏を迎え、視聴者にクリエイティブな発想のヒントとなるお話をお届けします。 00:00 オープニング 00:38 プロフィール紹介 01:11 飯山さんの設計①PICCO LINO 03:59 飯山さんの設計②mico cafe 06:55 飯山さんの設計③000(トリプル・オゥ) 10:06 飯山さんの設計④駒形の家 12:20 建築家を目指したきっかけ 14:27 デザインはどうやって思いつく? 16:31 学生に教えていること 17:10 若い方へのメッセージ 18:27 これから挑戦したいこと 20:17 エンディング  GUNMA CREATOR’S VISIONや群馬県ゆかりのクリエイターに関する最新情報は     🤍  をチェック! #建築家 #群馬 #飯山千里 ●問い合わせ先:群馬県eスポーツ・新コンテンツ創出課(027-897-2964)

Gunma Crane Thunders vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings - Game Highlights


Watch the Game Highlights from Gunma Crane Thunders vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings, 01/28/2023 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL SITE 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Twitter 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Facebook 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Instagram 🤍 #BLEAGUE 00:00:00 - 1st Quarter 00:01:14 - 2nd Quarter 00:01:27 - 3rd Quarter 00:02:03 - 4th Quarter

Adventure in Gunma, Japan - Summer Trip (Part 2)


Welcome to Gunma, Japan – where one summer can make memories for a lifetime. In Episode 2 of their Summer Adventure, Nick and Olivia have finally met one another. As he follows his path to develop a new style of photography, she joins him on his journey into Gunma’s diverse range of people, places and experiences. Part two of the story sees the pair taking photos at some of the prefecture’s most visually stunning locations, including Shima and Kusatsu. They get the chance to embrace old traditions such as the yumomi water-cooling ritual in Kusatsu, as well as the preparation of Japanese-style meals. The pair also wears beautiful kimono as they breathe in the aesthetics of Gunma to find a new means of artistic expression. With their journey at an end, it is clear that Gunma is the place to embrace modern styles and longstanding traditions, to meet new people and experience historic places – where a lifetime of memories can be made in just one trip. Locations Featured: 00:00 - YoshigadairaWetlands 00:25 - Lake Shima 00:48 - Shima Onsen 00:57 - Tenguyama Play Zone 01:06 - Sainokawara Park 01:14 - Kusatsu 01:29 - Lake Nozori 02:02 - Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Village 02:16 - Netsunoyu 02:21 - Yubatake in Kusatsu Onsen

Wanderin' GUNMA -Winter-


Have you ever felt the desire to hit the trail? To get out of the daily grind and discover what the world has to offer? Gunma Prefecture is the dream destination for travelers, adventurers and holiday-makers! This time around, we’ve got a vision of Gunma in winter – the weather may be cold, but the activities, the food and the world-famous hot springs are hot, hot, hot! Take on the mountainous landscape of Mt. Myogi and Mt. Akagi by bike and by foot, or even by ski and snowboard. Fill the spirit at Gunma’s richly historic shrines and temples such as the iconic Shorinzan Darumaji, and fill the belly at its bountiful local eateries specializing in a range of noodle dishes. Take a walk on the uncharted side by following former railway lines, or take a dip at Ikaho or Kusatsu for the nation’s favorite hot springs. Whatever your desire is for a winter getaway, Gunma has you covered. * Locations: 0:00 – Rakusan-en (🤍 0:10 – Manza Onsen Ski Resort (🤍 0:17 – Mt. Akagi (🤍 0:28 – Kashozan Mirokuji Temple (🤍 0:34 – Shorinzan Darumaji Temple (🤍 0:37 – Jigenin Temple(Byakue Dai-Kannon) (🤍 0:42 – Mt. Myogi (🤍 0:54 – Sakurayama Park (🤍 1:00 – Lockheart Castle (🤍 1:09 – Agatsumakyo rail-bike “AGATTAN” 1:16 – Walking the old railway 1:22 – Former Oshi Remains (🤍 1:28 – Koizumi Inari-jinja Shrine (🤍 1:35 – Watarase Keikoku Railway (🤍 1:41 – Yoriiyama Park 1:47 – Okkirikomi (noodles) 1:51 – Ota Yakisoba 1:56 – Tatebayashi Udon 2:04 – Kawarayu Onsen (🤍 2:15 – Usaburo Kokeshi (🤍 2:24 – Takuminosato (🤍 2:28 – Seiryuzan Kichijoji Temple (🤍 2:34 – Ikaho Onsen (🤍 2:41 – Kusatsu Onsen (🤍 2:51 – Kimono Wearing Experience (🤍

Cycling Vanlife | Van Rental with Bikes from Tokyo - Gunma - Niigata, Japan Campervan 2020


Where you would take a camper van beyond Tokyo for 4 days?? Let me know what you thought below. If you are thinking about checking out Dream Drive for your own vanlife adventures beyond Tokyo consider our affiliate link below. It will cost you the same but kicks back a little bit to us and helps Dream Drive know that you found them through this video. 🤍 Strava: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Ride with us in Japan: Day Trips - 🤍 Multiday - 🤍 Music: 🤍?fpr=rindorob Gear: Bike - Cannondale Synapse 105 Hydraulic Disc 2019 Saddle Bags - Ortlieb Seat Pack Shoes - Shimano XC7 🤍 #cyclingjapan #cyclingvlog #bikejapan #japanvlog #vanlife Transcript: Like many of you I have seen the build videos, read the lifestyle blogs, and browsed far too many used car sites for sprinter vans getting sucked down the rabbit hole of “vanlife”. That’s why I was thrilled when I connected with Jared of Dream Drive to take one of their custom camper vans out for a few days here in Japan. We had a great 3 days planned around our Prefecture here in the mountains of Gunma but as you will see the weather had other ideas. Luckily, vanlife came to the rescue, and with a little extra driving we found a whole new adventure ahead. First up was to pick up the van in Tokyo. A short bike ride to our nearby station and I was off to the big city. I met up with Jared and he showed me all the ins and outs of our new rolling apartment for the next few days. Then back home to load up. We are used to bikepacking and camping trips so we may have gone a little overboard on packing for these three days with all the extra space and no worries about too much weight. It was getting late in the day so we decided to head up to Lake Umeda just outside of Kiryu to setup for the night. Umeda is a beautiful dam lake about 10km from Kiryu city center and at about 300m above sea it is known by locals for its crystal clear spring water that feeds the lake, and the cool temperatures during the hot summer months. One of our favorite local soba shops is located on the lake so we decided to head over for dinner before setting up camp by the lakeside for the night. The next morning we woke up to a, well, downpour. The rain can often come in waves in the summertime in Japan so we stuck with our plan and headed up Mt Akagi the local volcano for our planned hike and camp spot by the caldera lake. Mt Akagi, a stratovolcano, is thought to have erupted over 30,000yrs ago creating the now ridged caldera with two Lakes, Oonuma and Konuma, within. With the base of the mountain in the Kanto plains at around 100m above sea level and the highest peak called Kurobi at over 1,800m or 6,000ft high there is hardly a spot in the Kanto region that Akagi can’t be seen on a clear day. But today was far from that, so we ditched our plans for the hike up to the Kurobi peak and decided to stop at the Akagi Miyozawa Shrine to offer a prayer for a safe drive to the top. From there we decided to take a much gentler walk along the elevated wooden pathways of the Kakumanbuchi Marsh between the two lakes. This is a great hike rain or shine as on a clear day you get great views of the caldera reflecting in the marshes, and, on a soupy-er day like today you get the misty mythical side of Japan that can be equally as beautiful. There are some nice Teishoku restaurants by the lakeside and after the walk we got some warm food and relished in the fact that we had a warm dry bed to take an afternoon nap in and enjoy the quiet by the lake. Though we had originally planned to camp at the free campsite by the lake like our friend here (show other camper), we had brought our bikes with the hopes of getting a decent ride in the next two days and the forecast had taken a turn for the worst. Michelle has always wanted to check out a town in Niigata called Echigo-Tsumari that is home to an Art Triennial Festival. Though the festival is just every 3 years the art is a collection of large installations scattered around the town and rice fields so you can visit any time. So we packed up shop and began the drive down the backside of Mt Akagi to pass through the huge 11km tunnel that separates Gunma and Niigata Prefectures. And just like that, as is often the case with Japan’s huge mountains, on one side is torrential rain, and the other, beautiful clear skies. It was getting late so as we drove we looked up some places for dinner and came across this beautiful restaurant in the center of Toukamachi called Ikote. Unfortunately they were booked for the night, but we decided it looked too good to pass up so we put in a reservation for the following night. Next we headed to the center of the Art Festival, a small sleepy town called Matsudai.

Interesting Tidbits About Maebashi in Gunma


Did you know that The Netflix show, The Naked Director, was shot in Maebashi? Well, not entirely of course, but there are a few scenes throughout the series that were shot in Maebashi(depicting Sapporo in the 1980s). Anyways, welcome to another Maebashi crawlin' video. In this video, I ate lunch at the ramen shop I found last week but was already closed. I then rode around on the skateboard where I met an interesting fellow who owns Volkswagons, another guy too obsessed with Pokemon Go, and a nice drunkard who calls me a son of a beeeeech. I checked out a cool antique shop and had a second lunch at Nanashiya. After that, I went and checked on Keiko-san and she was happy to see me. Our conversation was pretty long so that will be a separate video.. for now, hope you enjoy this one.

Montedio Yamagata 0-1 Thespakusatsu Gunma | MW28 | 2022 MEIJI YASUDA J2 LEAGUE


Here are the highlights from the Matchweek 28 of the 2022 MEIJI YASUDA J2 LEAGUE between Montedio Yamagata and Thespakusatsu Gunma. This is the official channel for J.League International, providing all the latest highlights, interviews, news and features to keep you updated with all things Japanese football. Subscribe to the channel here! Https:// Find out more about the J.LEAGUE at: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook (Thai): 🤍 TikTok:🤍 Website: 🤍 #JLEAGUE #YAMAGUN

Gunma Crane Thunders vs. Osaka Evessa - Game Highlights


Watch the Game Highlights from Gunma Crane Thunders vs. Osaka Evessa, 11/26/2022 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL SITE 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Twitter 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Facebook 🤍 B.LEAGUE OFFICIAL Instagram 🤍 #BLEAGUE 00:00:00 - 1st Quarter 00:00:15 - 2nd Quarter 00:01:17 - 3rd Quarter 00:01:34 - 4th Quarter

Casa Japón gunma


🏠Gunma-Ota群馬県太田市🏠 🫶Ushizawa cho牛沢町🫶 🔵Cerca a: 🔹escuela primaria 1200 m 🔹secundaria _1300 m 💴Mensualidad (毎月) (Simulación a 35 años) 💴Precio: 17millones 900mil (1790万) ⭕️Tamaño: 4LDK+S ⭕️Terreno: 240.76 m2 (72.82坪) ⭕️Área construida: 112.61 m2 (34.06坪) ⭕️Estacionamiento: 🚘🚘🚘🚗 ⭕️Año de construcción: siendo terminada . . . #casa #gunma #casapropria #japão #agenteinmobiliario #agenteimobiliario #otaku #ota #住宅 #不動産 #日本 #welcome

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