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LOVECH BULGARIA travel video 🇧🇬 Not on major tourist maps! България


This Bulgaria 4k video continues my Bulgaria trip on the road through Central Bulgaria, one of the best road trips in Eastern Europe and not on major tourist maps, where I will show you more historic sites in Eastern Europe. In this Bulgaria travel video, I am exploring Lovech, one of the small historic cities in Eastern Europe, that are not on major tourist maps, at least not yet. It's a beautiful small town located in central Bulgaria and is yet another amazing historic site in Southeastern Europe. This travel walking tour through this great place in Bulgaria takes us to all major site in Lovech Bulgaria. Stick around to the end for some amazing drone footage from this beautiful city and some really cool nature shots during a beautiful sunset in the city and ruins just above Lovech, and a tip for an amazing traditional Bulgarian Restaurant. What I like in Bulgaria is that there is so much to see and explore everywhere. Lovech is located about 150 kilometers (93 miles) northeast from the capital city of Sofia. Lovech is a pretty small town with only about 36,000 residents. But it is actually one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and a truly historic place in Eastern Europe. In 1187 the peace treaty between the Bulgarian Empire and the Byzantine Empire was signed in Lovech. This marked the beginning of the Second Bulgarian Empire and Lovech became an important trade centre and one of the most famous towns in Bulgaria. Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 2:44 Covered Bridge 5:09 Bash Bunar Park 6:33 Walking up to Hisarya Hill 9:17 Vasil Levski 10:00 Hisarya Fortress 13:08 Cinematic Sunset video 17:37 Varosha quarter 19:42 Traditional Bulgarian dinner This was my first time in Bulgaria and this Bulgaria travel video should serve as an introduction with information that is good to know about Bulgaria before you go to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a good idea for your next vacation if you enjoy the beautiful nature in Southeastern Europe and you want to get history in Southeastern Europe. It's a bit off the major tourist maps and is still very affordable as a travel destination. So if you're looking for Southeastern Europe vacation ideas, definitely check out Beautiful Bulgaria. And should you visit Bulgaria for yourself, this Bulgaria 4k video will give you a good head start. If you enjoyed this Bulgaria travel video and Southeastern Europe travel video in 4k quality please hit the 'Like' button and subscribe to my channel for my weekly new travel vlogs, best places for Europe travel and travel vlogs on many other amazing travel destinations. ► 🤍 ➔ Also check out my other popular videos on my various travels: ► 🇧🇬 BULGARIA Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇨🇭 SWITZERLAND Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇹🇷 TURKEY Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇷🇸 SERBIA Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇭🇺 HUNGARY Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇸🇰 SLOVAKIA Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇦🇹 AUSTRIA Travel videos 🤍 ► 🇸🇦 SAUDI ARABIA Travel videos 🤍 ► 🏙 Best City Guides 🤍 ► 🚶Best Travel Walking Tours 🤍 ► 🌍 Best Cinematic Drone videos 🤍 ► 🚞 Best Train Rides 🤍 ► 🍛 Best Food Videos 🤍 ► 🏰 Best Castles and Palaces 🤍 ➔ Connect With Me ► Instagram: 🤍Januslog 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍Januslog 🤍 My travel gear: 🤍 #Lovech #BulgariaTravel #CentralBulgaria ➔ Music Credits (All under Creative Commons License) Scott Buckley - Chasing Daylight Video Link: 🤍 Sunflower - Soyb Video Link: 🤍 Keys of Moon Music - Yugen Video Link: 🤍

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Activați subtitrările! 🔴 RO Pitorescul oraș Lovech poate fi un interesant obiectiv turistic dar și un punct de plecare spre alte obiective din apropiere: Podul acoperit, Fortăreața, Cascadele Krushuna, Peștera Devetashka 🔴 Music: Bohemian Beach and Hero's Ascent from YouTube Audio Library Filmat in septembrie 2019 🔴 EN The picturesque town of Lovech can be an interesting tourist attraction but also a starting point for other nearby objectives The Covered Bridge, The Fortress, Krushuna Falls, Devetashka Cave 🔴 Music: Bohemian Beach and Hero's Ascent from YouTube Audio Library Filmed on September 2019

Lovech Bulgaria


Lovech is a town located in northwestern Bulgaria. Lovech consists of two parts, old and new part. Osam River divides the old and new part of the town. Covered Bridge, which was built by Kolyu Ficheto connects the old and the new town of Lovech. Lovech covered bridge is the most famous sight in the City. In Lovech also there is museum of Vasil Levski, Lovech ethnographic museum and fortress called Hisar. The town has a long history leading back to the time of the Thracians. Their mark here left Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians and Turks. Not far from Lovech is Devetashka cave You can see it here For all tourists, who want to learn more about Bulgaria, we organize individual and group excursions in Bulgaria. Our contacts / Unsere Kontakte Tel: +359898654320 Skype: constantius-vsp E-mail: constantine🤍 More information on our website. 🤍 and 🤍 Lovech ist ein Stadt im Nordwesten Bulgariens. Lovech besteht aus zwei Teilen, alten und neuen Teil. Osam Fluß teilt den alten und neuen Teil der Stadt. Überdachte Brücke, die von Kolyu Ficheto erbaut verbindet das alte und das neue Stadt Lovech. Lovech dachte Brücke ist die berühmteste Sehenswürdigkeit der Stadt. In Lovech auch gibt es Museum der Vasil Levski, Lovech ethnographische Museum und Festung namens Hisar. Die Stadt hat eine lange Geschichte, die zurück in die Zeit der Thraker. Ihre Spuren hinterlassen Römer, Byzantiner, Bulgaren und Türken. Nicht weit von Lovech ist Devetashka Höhle. Sie können es hier sehen: Für alle Touristen, die mehr über Bulgarien erfahren möchten, organisieren wir individuelle und Gruppenreisen in Bulgarien. Mehr Informationen in unsere Website. 🤍

Walking in Lovech 2022 Summer Walk Bulgaria - Ловеч България


Lovech Walk Bulgaria 2022 Walking Ловеч България

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LOVECH SOUFIAN Credits MUSIC VIDEO ( JRA7 F9ALBI ) Rec Mix and master : Double1 Dirceted.By : Louay Bo Connect with .Lovech 👁‍🗨INSTAGRAM : 🤍 👁‍🗨Page .Faecbook : 🤍

Lovely Lovech; I finally find a pretty Bulgarian town! To Troyan Monastery


Day 30. 44km (52379kms) As I gathered the predominately toilet paper waste from my little clearing I startled an early morning walker. I wondered if she was on her way to leave some of her own. Perhaps if Lovech fortress had been properly described as Lovech fortress ruins I wouldn’t have been disappointed. The views of the cliffs around the bend in the Osum River were impressive though. But at last! A pretty Bulgarian town! Between the older timber and brick cottages around the fort, and the pastel coloured townhouses on the main square, I found the whole place very pleasant to cycle and to just sit. The covered bridge is a unique attraction in Bulgaria too, lined with tourist shops, but still very authentic-looking from the outside. After returning the the covered bridge’s viewpoint to retrieve my helmet (I’d left it an hour or 2 before when I’d used it to prop my bike - my brain!!), and after a supermarket stop, I set off on the easy ride to Troyan monastery. It was already 4pm, but I wasn’t too worried, I didn’t plan to go far. I was feeling much more cheerful as I rode up the gentle gradient back into the mountains. The sun had returned, the wind still at my back. The monastery was staggering, but I couldn’t concentrate on that now; my first priority was to find a place to sleep, knowing that tonight was forecast to be -4C. In Bulgarian I was directed to wait. In time 2 young monks returned from the town bearing shopping bags (why do I find it so weird whenever I see a bearded monk grocery shopping?!) and I was shown to a room. Troyan Monastery run a guest house so the price for warmth tonight is 30 Lev. With the heater on max, and after a hot shower I popped outside briefly to confirm what I already knew; the night was cooooooooold! Money well spent.

Lovech, Bulgaria - a colorful and relaxing surprise


Astăzi vă poftesc la o plimbare prin Lovech, unul dintre cele mai vechi și mai interesante orașe din Bulgaria. În Evul Mediu zona situată la doar 200 de metri deasupra mării și străpunsă curajos de râul Osam, reprezenta un punct strategic important. Purtând la început denumirea de Lovuts, nume ce se traduce prin cuvântul ”vânători”, așezarea s-a dezvoltat încet dar sigur, ajungând în secolele XIII și XIV unul dintre cele mai prospere orașe din nordul Bulgariei. Lovech, town, north-central Bulgaria, on the Osŭm (Ossăm) River. A rapidly developing industrial town, its manufactures include bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, agricultural machinery, and leather goods.

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➡️ Salutare Cuceritorii Mei ! ⬅️ Facem o scurta vizita prin micutul orasel Lovech din Bulgaria si prin imprejurimi. In episodul urmator va aratam si alte obiective . ▶️ Abonati-va si apasati clopotelul pentru noi aventuri ! ▶️ Nu uita sa apesi clopotelul . ▶️ Daca aveti intrebari, va raspund cu mare drag la toti cuceritorii ! ▶️ Pentru pareri , idei si colaborari mail la : emisiuneacuceritorii🤍 ▶️ Instagram : emisiunea_cuceritorii ▶️ Camerele mele - gopro hero 7 black & gopro hero 5 session ▶️ Cu ce editez -filmora 9 cu licenta ▶️ Laptop : Lenovo V14-IIL Intel Core i7-1065G7, 3.90 GHz, 14",12GB, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX350 2GB, Iron Grey #LOVECH #Bulgaria

Restaurants in Lovech, Bulgaria You MUST TRY in 2021


Find the most up to date list here: 🤍 Lovech (Bulgarian: Ловеч, pronounced [ˈɫɔvɛtʃ], international transliteration Loveč, Romanian: Lovcea) is a city in north-central Bulgaria. 🤍 Discover best places in a city you are visiting. The rating information was taken from Google Maps and the list was last updated on 27th February, 2021: 1: Щипка Любов/Pinch of Love 2: Macchiato 3: Pizza & BBQ Maxi 4: Inn "Hitar Petar" 5: Ачевата механа 6: Drakata 7: Fe Coffee & Friends 8: Pizza Napoli 9: Бирария 150 10: Tavern Varosha Click on a link below to see the most up to date places and other cities: 🤍

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A fly over Lovech

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LOVECH SOUFIAN Credits MUSIC VIDEO ( kol Lwa9i3 ) Rec Mix and master : Double1 Dirceted.By : Don king Connect with .Lovech 👁‍🗨INSTAGRAM : 🤍 👁‍🗨Page .Faecbook : 🤍

Lovech, Bulgaria Walkaround


Walkaround in the center of Lovech city and the nearby forress. Seen are the 1187 monument with horseriderr celebrating the Second Bulgarian Country and Vasil Levski (1837-1873).

LOVECH - Capabel (Official Music Video)


LOVECH SOUFIAN Credits MUSIC VIDEO ( Capabel ) Rec Mix and master : Double1 Dirceted.By : Ayoub benmar Connect with .Lovech 👁‍🗨INSTAGRAM : 🤍 👁‍🗨Page .Faecbook : 🤍

Art House - PAY MONTHLY - Bulgaria - Lovech | MOWLEM BULGARIA


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Рали Крос Ловеч Дивизия 2 ФИНАЛ 2022 / Rally Cross Lovech Division 2 Final 2022


Рали Крос Ловеч Дивизия 2 ФИНАЛ 2022 Rally Cross Lovech 2022 Division 2 Final 110 Пламен Цветанов Опел Астра 118 Теодор Тодоров Хонда Сивик 108 Деян Георгиев Фолксваген Голф 104 Владимир Димитров Хонда Сивик 103 Цветан Миков Хонда Сивик 101 Ивайло Иванов Ситроен Саксо

Drone Days (Day 4) - Lovech Fortress / Крепост Ловеч


Initiative to capture places around the world. Historic places, cities, parks and more to follow. If you want to support us you can do it here: 🤍 #ловеч #fortress #lovech Lovech is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Traces of human activities from very ancient times were found in the region, mainly in the caves near the town. The reason was the comfortable location between the mountains and the flat country, and the presence of a river. The first inhabitants of the town were the Thracian tribe of the Meldi[citation needed], whose traces date back to the 4th or 3rd centuries BC. They founded their capital, called Melta[citation needed], in the area, which was situated at the place of today's neighbourhood and architecture reserve Varosha. Later, when the Balkans were occupied by the Roman Empire, a military station called Prezidium was founded near the modern town, which was situated at an important strategic position on one of the main Roman roads. Parts of this road are to be seen in the territory of Lovech today. Middle Ages The former Roman citadel Hisarya, which is situated on the hill of the same name, was the place where in 1187 the peace treaty between the Bulgarian Empire and the Byzantine Empire was signed and the returning of Bulgaria on the European map was officially declared, marking the beginning of the Second Bulgarian Empire. In the 12th century Lovech was a great trade centre and one of the most famous towns in Bulgaria. Plan of the medieval fortress of Lovech The Turkish invasion in the middle of the 14th century did not pass the town, but the Hisarya fortress was captured last of all, in 1446, although for a long time after that the town enjoyed some privileges such as a prohibition on Turkish people to settle in the town or to take Bulgarian children as janissaries.

Peștera Garvanitsa, Lovech, Bulgaria


Mai multe detalii aici: 🤍

Ivailo Traikov - MiniDH Lovech 2021 and second place for me


First and last full race this year and second place in category 17+ on MiniDH Lovech 2021 with many cool moment and meet with many friends.Cheers and enjoy! #StyleAndClass Follow me: • Facebook - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • StyleAndClass - 🤍 • TikTok - 🤍

Ivailo Traikov - Vlog #10 MiniDH Lovech 2020


Another race for this year and this is MiniDH Lovech 2020.8th place for me at 17+ category with many funny moment and meet with friends.Enjoy it! #StyleAndClass Follow me: • Facebook - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • StyleAndClass - 🤍 • TikTok - 🤍

Crazy Race #Rallycross Lovech 2020 Bahovitsa Bulgaria #FPV drone


Rallycross Lovech 2020 Bahovitsa Bulgaria filmed with fpv race drone. Please subscribe only if you like and want to watch more videos like this. I dont want to have passive subcribers, which didnt watch. Раликрос Ловеч 2020 Баховица снимано с fpv спортен дрон GoPro 7 Black 240fps Моля абонирайте се само ако ви харесва и желаете да гледате още подобни клипчета. Не желая да имам пасивни абонати, които не гледат.

The Fortress of Lovech


🔴 ENG The Hisarya Fortress in Lovech is part of the old Varosha neighborhood of the town and is a designated architectural and historic reservation. It is found on sitting on the hill Hisar on the southern side of the town. The Fortress dates back to the time of the Roman Empire when the road station “Presidium” was built on the present-day territory of Lovech. After the peace treaty between Byzantium and Bulgaria was signed there in 1187, the 2nd Bulgarian Empire was established. The local feudal lord (despot) Ivan Alexander was crowned Tsar of the Empire in 1331. The Fortress was one of the last to be taken by the Ottomans in 1446 during their conquest of Bulgaria. Centuries later, the citadel was restored and became a site for tourists, who come to see its historic value and breathtaking view of the town. 🔴 ROM Cetatea Hisarya din Lovech face parte din vechiul cartier Varosha din oraș și este o rezervație arhitecturală și istorică desemnată. Se găsește așezat pe dealul Hisar din partea de sud a orașului.Cetatea datează de pe vremea Imperiului Roman când ganizoana „Presidium” a fost construită pe teritoriul actual al Lovech. După ce în 1187 a fost semnat tratatul de pace între Bizanț și Bulgaria, a fost înființat al II-lea Imperiu Bulgar. Lordul feudal local (despot) Ivan Alexandru a fost încoronat țar al Imperiului în 1331. Cetatea a fost una dintre ultimele preluate de otomani în 1446, în timpul cuceririi Bulgariei. Secole mai târziu, cetatea a fost restaurată și a devenit un loc pentru turiști, care vin să-i vadă valoarea istorică și priveliștea uluitoare asupra orașului. * 🔴 Music: zero-project - The past ages of glory from "🤍" *

Lovech (Ловеч) - Bulgária


Imagens da Cidade de Lovech - Bulgária *City of Lovech - Bulgaria *Гр. Ловеч - България Lovech ou Loveč (búlgaro: Ловеч) é uma cidade da Bulgária localizada no distrito de Lovech. Imagens: VMarkov , just4ivaylo , Elena - picasawe

From the Sky: Bulgaria Lovech - DJI Mini 2 4k


#lovech #bulgaria #dji #djimini2 #drone #cinematic #firstdronevideo #firstedit My first drone video. Video footage: DJI Mini 2. Editing software: iMovie on mac. Music by: Savfk 🤍Savfk - Music Royalty free, copyright free music! Download this track from Soundcloud: 🤍 The music in this video is licensed under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)’. You can find the link to that license here: 🤍

Рали Крос Ловеч 2022 / Rally Cross Lovech 2022


Рали Крос Ловеч 2022 / Rally Cross Lovech 2022

LOVECH - 3doia عدويا (Official Music Video )


LOVECH SOUFIAN Credits MUSIC VIDEO ( 3doia ) Rec Mix and master : Double1 Dirceted.By : Lhalif ibniix Connect with .Lovech 👁‍🗨INSTAGRAM : 🤍 👁‍🗨Page .Faecbook : 🤍

The Beauty of Bulgaria: Lovech | Ловеч


A walk around the lovely Lovech and its beautiful outskirts. If you still haven't visited it I strongly recommend it. With its ancient fortress, magnificent old town, breathtaking waterfalls, giant caves I believe it makes for a strong contestant for a sightseeing weekend or even a week. Shot on Panasonic G7.

Ico Tigara & Aleksi Asparuhov Live Show Lovech 2022


AES Video & Photography Видео и Фото заснемане на ниски цени ! 00359886960550 0033614924982

Cornel House - PAY MONTHLY OFFER - Bulgaria - Lovech | MOWLEM BULGARIA


A lot of wood, garage, 2 floors, spacious land, BIG POTENTIAL! Welcome to CORNEL HOUSE – Enjoy the full video review of the property! 🤍 #MowlemRealEstateBulgaria #PayMonthly #BuyNow #InterestFree #MonthlyPayments #NoHiddenFees 📍 TOP LOCATION 🏞️ – only 15 miles from the main city in the district – City of Lovech, 20 miles away from the City of Pleven (bigger than Lovech). The Town of Pordim is only 5 miles away from Drenov. There are water and electricity in every property. The house is located on а quiet street next to the main road towards Lovech and not far from the centre of the village. *Cornel House* consists of a 2-storey house, a building with a kitchen, a shower room, a garage, outbuildings and a very spacious garden. On the ground floor of the house, you will find an entrance hall, a living room, another smaller room and a basement. On the first floor of the house, you will find a balcony, a corridor and 3 bedrooms. In the corridor, there is a built-in wardrobe. Next to the house, there is a building where you will find a dining room, a kitchen, a utility room, a shower room and a garage. The garden is very spacious. The large garden behind the house has the potential to grow fruit trees and for growing all kind of plants, etc. The outbuildings and the barn offer more storage space. Also, they can be used for workshop, for livestock breeding, etc. The total size of the land is 1,681sq.m. ✔️ There are water and electricity connected to the property. ✔️ The roof is in good condition, as shown in the video. For all the #TourismLovers area is full of amazing #Landmarks: – Aleksandrovo Dam – only 4 miles away from Drenov; – Devetashka Cave – one of the largest and most impressive caves in the country – 9 miles away; – Krushuna waterfalls – 12 miles away from Drenov; – The Lovech Zoo – located in Stratesh Park in Lovech; – The Historical Museum in Pleven; 👀 👀 Are you looking for an amazing house which you don’t have to pay your whole life for? 👀 👀 SPACIOUS GARDEN – TRADITIONAL LOOK – PARKING SPACE – TOP LOCATION – SHOWER ROOM – BARN – OUTBUILDINGS – GARAGE 👍 INTEREST-FREE - All of the properties sold on #PayMonthlyPlan in #MowlemBulgaria are interest-free and you get keys straight away!! 🚫 NO COUNCIL TAX OWED - for the whole period during the #PaymentPlan 🤯 *An interesting fact - #MOWLEM is the first company in Bulgaria to offer properties on PAY MONTHLY - known to the foreign buyers* - Always good to know who you are dealing with!! MOWLEM BULGARIA – THE PAY MONTHLY COMPANY For more information, please, contact us! BUY NOW, PAY MONTHLY!! Check the fantastic offers available for pay monthly terms!! 🤍

A great cheap guest house in Lovech (Bulgaria), in Varosha district #bulgaria #Lovech #cheaphotel


When you are traveling around Bulgaria, you don't always need to spend a lot. There are many budget options. This one is a very nice affordable accommodation. A great cheap hotel in Lovech is the Achovata Kashta Guess house. We spend a few day there and we are very happy. Check out our article about LOVECH : 🤍 Follow us on: YouTube 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍packandgoinfo Instagram🤍 TikTok 🤍

LOVECH -Bla zwa9 (Official MusiC Video )


LOVECH SOUFIAN Credits MUSIC VIDEO ( bla zwa9 ) Rec Mix and master : Double1 Dirceted.By : Khalid ibniix Connect with .Lovech 👁‍🗨INSTAGRAM : 🤍 👁‍🗨Page .Faecbook : 🤍

Hotel Lovech, Lovech, Bulgaria


Hotel Lovech, Lovech, Bulgaria About Property: You're eligible for a Genius discount at Hotel Lovech! To save at this property, all you have to do is sign in. Lovech hotel is situated in the centre of Lovech town, close to the unique Covered Bridge. There is a restaurant and guests can have fun at the casino. Private parking is available on site. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Every room includes a private bathroo... = Booking or More Details: 🤍 = Property Type: Hotel = Address: Ul. Targovska 12, 5500 Lovech, Bulgaria = Searching For 1. Hotel Lovech - Lovech - Bulgaria 2. Hotel Lovech - Lovech - Bulgaria Address 3. Hotel Lovech - Lovech - Bulgaria Rooms 4. Hotel Lovech - Lovech - Bulgaria Amenities 5. Hotel Lovech - Lovech - Bulgaria Offers and Deals = Audio Credit: Website: 🤍 Track Title: Subway Dreams Artist: Dan Henig = *DISCLAIMER * * This video is not sponsored. * The photos shown in this video are not owned by Travel Suggestions. Copyright issue? Please contact us and for getting more information you can find contact details on the about us page of the channel. *Note: - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of "fair use". = #TravelSuggestions #HotelLovechLovech #HotelLovechLovechBulgaria

W.A.S.P., Lovech, Bulgaria, 11.05.2008 (full show)


Lovech, Bulgaria, 11.05.2008 (full show) Set list: On Your Knees Play Video Inside the Electric Circus Play Video Hate to Love Me Play Video L.O.V.E. Machine Play Video Wild Child Play Video Take Me Up Play Video Widowmaker Play Video Sleeping (in the Fire) Play Video Arena of Pleasure Play Video The Idol Play Video The Headless Children Play Video I Wanna Be Somebody Play Video Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) Play Video Heaven's Hung in Black Play Video I Am One Play Video Blind in Texas

Excursie de o zi in Bulgaria | Lovech, Pestera Devetashka, Cascadele de la Krushuna


Hello my friends! V-am aratat deja cateva poze din excursie, dar trebuie sa vedeti aceste peisaje de poveste la aprox. 250 km de Bucuresti...nici eu nu credeam ca atat de aproape de noi se gasesc aceste minuni ale naturii. Pe mine ma vedeti destul de des, asa ca am filmat pas cu pas aceasta excursie si astept cu interes parerile voastre. Detalii despre excursie gasiti si pe blog. Daca aveti intrebari, va raspund cu mare drag. Pupici! Detalii pe blog despre excursie si multe poze: 🤍



#Călătorește #Iubeste #Simte momentele de relaxare!

Ludogorets vs Litex Lovech 4-0 Bulgarian Cup Semifinals 18.04.2017


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